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Chapter 6

In the meantime 100 miles away, where the community called Woodbury was located.

Phillip "Good morning, Tara."
Tara "Good morning."
Phillip "Have you seen them?"
Tara "Who do you mean?"
Phillip "Have you seen Eva and Eve?"
Tara "Oh, I thought they came back."
Phillip "Well, they did not officially come back after they brought the guns here."
Tara "Oh, maybe they're lost again."
Then Logan came to them.
Logan "Hello, boss and hey, Tara."
Phillip "Hey."
Tara just nodded.
Logan "Where are Eva and Eve?"
Phillip "I also want to know it."
Logan "So they have not returned, huh?"
Phillip "Not the end of the day when they brought the weapons here."
Logan "It's not their kind."
Tara "Unless they are lost again."
Logan "Well, I would not be surprised if that had happened again."
Phillip "We need to find them."
Logan "Yeah, that's right."
In the meantime, Mason tried to get Emma interested in him.
Mason "Do you want to go with me somewhere?"
Emma "No, thanks. I'm busy."
Mason "You do not look like that."
Emma "I am."
Mason "You know, you're beautiful."
Emma "Thank you, I guess."
Mason "I'm going to marry you."
Emma "What the hell did you say?"
Mason "No, I did not mean it .... fuck .... that was a mistake. I had to say something else."
Emma "Well, you know I'm not going to marry you."
Mason did not say anything.
Daisy "Mason, leave him alone."
Mason looked at Daisy who had come to them.
Mason "Jesus Christ's fucking, I just talked to him."
Daisy "Yeah, you tried to get her interested in you."
Mason "It was not like that."
Daisy "Cut it off, I know you."
Mason "I would never do that."
Daisy "Yeah, yeah. You know, you're a bad liar."
Emma "Well, officially I'm not interested in you, so it's useless to try."
Mason looked at Emma.
Mason "Damn."
Emma "Always can not get what you want."
Holly "Mason is back in the swing, huh?"
Mason looked at Holly.
Mason "Shut up, Holly."
Holly just laughed.
Mason "And you're asshole as before."
Holly "Some things will never change."
Mason "Do not shit."
Benham "Do not just say that Mason tried to get Emma interested in him."
Holly "It just happened to happen, but Emma refused."
Benjamin "Dude, why?"
Mason "I need a woman."
Benjamin "Why?"
Mason "Is not that obvious dude?"
Then Tara, Phillip and Logan came to them.
Phillip "We have a problem."
Holly "What is it, boss?"
Phillip "Well, Eva and Eve are not back on their feet after they threw the guns here."
Mason "They have not come back?"
Phillip "I already said it."
Mason "What the hell?"
Holyl "Maybe they're lost again."
Tara "That's what I was thinking."
Phillip "We're going to find them."
Benjamin "Where do we start?"
Phillip "From the Forest First."
Benjamin "Okay."
Phillip "Go."
Emma "You're not coming?"
Phillip "No, I will not come and you will not go. You will stay here."
Emma "What?"
Phillip "You do as I say."
Emma "Okay."
Others left in the wood except Phillip and Emma.
Phillip "Let's go inside, I'll cook tea."
Emma did not say anything, she just went inside with Phillip.
Phillip "Go sit on the couch, I'll bring you tea."
Then Phillip went to the kitchen to boil the tea and Emma went to sit in the living room sofa.
Phillip "What the tea do you want?"
Emma "It does not matter!"
Phillip "Okay!"
Then Phillip poured the hot water into a cup and put a tea bag in the cup. And he went to the living room.
Phillip "Here, it's green tea."
Emma "Thank you, I guess."
Emma took a cup of tea. And Phillip went to sit on the armchair.
Emma "Okay, why did i have to stay here?"
Phillip "I want to ask you something."
Emma "Okay."
Phillip "Are you free?"
Emma "Huh?"
Phillip "I mean, do you have a boyfriend right now?"
Emma "No, I do not have."
Phillip "Good. If you had that it would be a bad thing."
Emma did not say anything.
Phillip "Mason tried to get you interested in him?"
Emma "Yeah."
Phillip "That dude is pain in the ass."
Emma "Yeah, I guess."
Phillip "Drink it, otherwise it will be cold."
Emma started drinking tea.
Phillip "You know, you're like a daughter to me."
Emma just nodded.
Phillip "If something happened to you, then I do not know what to do after that."
In the meantime in the woods.
Mason "They are not here."
Tara "We do not go back until we've found them!"
Mason "Well, hell they are not here!"
Daisy "Maybe they've gone somewhere else."
Mason "Like where, hell?"
Daisy "I do not know."
Mason "This is fucked up!"
Benjamin "Shut up!"
Mason "Phillip could have come to look for them!"
Then Holly got nervous and went to Mason.
Holly "Now shut the hell up!"
Mason looked at Holly.
Holly "We do not go back to hell before we've found them!"
Then Logan noticed footprints.
Logan "Hey, I found the footprints, they've been able to walk in here."
Holly "Are you sure?"
Logan "No, but we can track them."
Tara "Good idea."
They went to follow the footsteps.
Holly "Phillip is angry if we do not find them."
Daisy "We find them."
They walked and walked forward until they came to the gate.
Logan "Look at that."
They stared at the gate.
Benjamin "That means maybe Eva and Eve are there."
Daisy "Should we knock?"
Tara "I do not know."
On the other side of the gate Gabriella saw them.
Gabrielle "What the hell?"
Gabriella see them, she raised the rifle and she aimed at them and she shouted.
Gabriella "What the hell are you doing here?!?"
Then Logan raised his gaze and he noticed Gabriella who showed them with a rifle.
Logan "Good day, miss!"
Gabriella "What the hell do you want?"
Logan "We are looking for two young women, their names are Eva and Eve! Have you seen them?"
Gabriella "I do not know what you are talking about!"
Daisy "We think they're there!"
Gabrielle "They are not!"
Benjamin "Their footsteps led here!"
Gabrielle "They're not here! And now go to hell or I'll shoot you!"
Logan "Well done, but we'll be back!"
Then they walked back to the forest.
Gabriella "Strange."
Then Gabriella came down from the tower.
Carl "To whom did you yell?"
Gabriella "There were some strangers who were think that Eva and Eve are here."
Carl "And you did not tell them?"
Gabrielle "Of course not."
Meanwhile back to Woodbury.
Phillip "Did you find them?"
Daisy "No, we did not find it, but we found another community, so it may be possible they are there."
Phillip "Where is it located?"
daisy "A hundred miles from here."
Meanwhile, on the other hand.
Rosita "Listen, I was not meant to hurt you. I just did not expect you to tell me something like that."
Ariel "Just the same."
Rosita "Listen, I'm not ready to be a mother yet."
Ariel did not say anything.
Rosita "We can be friends."
Ariel "It's not the same thing."
Rosita "I know it's not."
Ariel did not say anything, she just lifted the knife from the floor and gave it Rosita.
Rosita "Thank you."
Ariel just nodded, then she turned toward the door.
Rosita "Ariel, wait!"
But it was too late that Ariel walked away.
Rosita "Damn it!"
On the way downstairs, Ariel had come across his father.
Abraham "Did you find Rosita?"
Ariel "Yeah."
Abraham "Did you talk to him?"
Ariel "Yep."
Abraham "How does she react?"
Ariel "Go and ask her."
Then Ariel walked downstairs.
Abraham "She was in a bad mood."
Then Abraham went to see what Rosita did.
Abraham "Hey, sweetheart."
Rosita "Hey."
Abraham "Is everything all right?"
Rosita "Yeah, everything is fine, I guess."
Abraham "Did Ariel speak to you?"
Rosita "Yeah and I did not expect anything like that."
Abraham "You agreed, huh?"
Rosita "Not yet, and I do not know if I will agree."
Abraham did not say anything.
Rosita "Your daughter is wonderful, but I would not ready to be her mother."
Abraham "I would have hoped that you would have agreed to it."
Rosita "Maybe one day."
Abraham "Do not wait long, because perhaps one day may be too late."
Rosita "Are you pressing for me?"
Abraham "Of course not."

to be continued.....



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