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Chapter 7

In the meantime at the gate.
Carl "Are you going to tell them what happened?"
Gabriella "I obviously do not intend to tell them."
Carl "You have to."
Gabrielle "Why? Nothing happened."
Carl "Yes it happened."
Gabrielle "They do not need to know what happened."
That was when Daryl came to them.
Daryl "What do we not need to know?"
Carl looked at Gabriella.
Daryl "Did something happen that we should be aware of?"
Carl looked again at Gabrielle, who shook his head.
Daryl "What the hell has happened?"
Carl "Oh, here it was ...."
That's when Gabriella interrupted him.
Gabrielle "Carl was about the say that there were a couple of walkers here but I killed them."
Carl "Was it here?"
Gabrielle stared at Carl. And Daryl stared at them.
Carl "Yeah, there was a couple of walkers here, but not anymore."
Daryl "Good job, Gabrielle."
Gabriella "I just try my best to keep this place safe."
Daryl "Continue on the same track."
Gabriella "Yeah, I will."
Daryl "Now I'll go find Carol, I'll see you later."
Gabrielle "Yeah, we'll see."
Then Daryl went looking for Carol.
Carl "You lied to Daryl."
Gabriella "Technically, I did not lie, I did not remember."
Carl "At some point they will know what happened."
Gabriella "No one saw what happened."
Carl "Except I saw it."
Gabrielle "Yeah, but you do not tell them what happened."
Carl "What if I tell them?"
Gabriella "If you tell, you're dead."
Carl "You threatened me?"
Gabrielle "I did not threaten you, I just said."
In the meantime, Daryl had found Carol. But Carol was not alone.
Merle "Oh, hello dear little brother."
Daryl "Shut up."
Merle "Do not bother, brother."
Daryl "Carol, can we talk?"
Mia looked at Merle.
Mia "We have time to leave."
Merle "Why?"
Mia "Do not ask me, just come already."
Merle "Okay, woman."
Mia looked at Carol.
Mia "See you later."
Carol "Yep."
Then Mia and Merle walked away.
Daryl "asshole."
Carol "Who, me?"
Daryl "No, not you, but Merle."
Carol "Well, maybe he is sometimes."
Daryl sat on the table.
Carol "The chair is also there."
Daryl "I know, I see it."
Carol "Well, why are not you going to sit on the chair?"
Daryl "Here's a good way to sit."
Carol "It's a table and not the chair."
Daryl "I know."
Carol just shook her head and she goes on packing her backpack.
Daryl "What are you doing?"
Carol "I packed the backpack officially."
Daryl "Are you going somewhere?"
Carol "Maybe."
Daryl "Where are you going?"
Carol "Get out of here."
Daryl "What?"
Carol "I'm leaving here."
Daryl "You can not just leave."
Carol "I can and I will."
Daryl "You know what Rick would think."
Carol "I do not care what Rick thinks."
Daryl "Tell me why you leave here."
Carol "That's personal."
Daryl "If you leave, then I'll leave."
Carol "Do not be childish, Daryl."
Daryl "I will not let you go alone."
Carol did not say anything.
Daryl "You could die there."
Carol "I will not die."
Daryl "But you could."
Carol "I'm not going to have this conversation anymore."
Daryl did not say anything.
Carol "Do you know what?"
Daryl "What?"
Carol "Sometimes we do not tell what we feel, not because we do not want it, but because we can not fit our feelings into words."
Daryl "Yeah, that's right."
Carol "The scars of life make people beautiful, but who knows how much human beings can bear?" Cries, the insulted feelings they ask no one ever forgive ... How to be weak and strong at the same time? Strong enough to survive. And weak enough that heart not going to be cold ... "
Meanwhile, in the church, Gabriel saw how Ariel ran to the church.
Gabriel "What does Ariel want again?"
Finally, Ariel had arrived at the church.
Gabriel "I did not expect to see you again here, come in."
Ariel went inside the church.
Ariel "I want to give up. I'm a coward."
Gabriel "Giving up does not mean you are a coward but it means that the battle was not worth fighting."
Ariel went to sit on the bench.
Ariel "I am a hopeless case."
Gabriel "Do not say that."
Ariel "I am."
Gabriel "What happened?"
Ariel "Well, I asked Rosita I could call her my stepmom, but Rosita refused. She fuck refused!"
Gabriel "Maybe Rosita was not ready yet."
Ariel "Or then she hates me."
Gabriel "I do not think she hates you."
Ariel did not say anything.
Gabriel "Maybe your dad is talking to him right now."
Ariel "Hardly."
Meanwhile, on the other hand.
Abraham "I'm not pushing you."
Rosita "It feels like that."
Abraham "I just think it would be the best thing you could do for Ariel."
Rosita "It's not going to happen, I'm sorry, I just can not."
Abraham "Why not, what is it that prevents you?"
Rosita "I do not know."
Abraham "Please, and do it for Ariel."
Rosita "I'm sorry."
Abraham "Rosita, this time."
Rosita "No, I'm sorry."
In the meantime in the church.
Ariel "Do you know what?"
Gabriel "Tell me."
Ariel "The hardest part about being an outcast, isn't the love you don't receive. It's the love you long to give that nobody wants."
Gabriel did not say anything, so Ariel continues to speak.
Ariel "I'm tired of feeling like the family outcast... i thought i was part of the family..."
Gabriel "Hey, you're part of this family."
Then Jenny came to the church.
Jenny "What a shame that the girl who once believed in fairytales and magic had to be struck by reality with demons in her mind and the fear of never being loved."
Gabriel and Ariel turned to see Jenny.
Jenny "Do I interrupt something?"
Ariel "What the hell are you doing here?"
Jenny "This is a free place for everyone."
Gabriel "You should not have said that."
Jenny "I'll say what I want."
Gabriel "That was insulting."
Jenny "Do not shit."
Jenny went to sit on the bench.
Ariel "Go to hell out of here."
Jenny "I do not go anywhere. I'm not outcast like you."
Ariel stood up and stared at Jenny.
Jenny "What the hell are you staring at?"
Ariel "Do you want to know something?"
Jenny "Let me hear."
Ariel "Try to be less of a fucking piece of shit than you were yesterday."
Jenny just looked at Ariel and she said nothing. So Ariel continued.
Ariel "You piece of shit, why don't you just go and kill yourself?"
Gabriel "Ariel, it's enough!"
Jenny "No, let him continue."
Ariel "I wish everyone knew what a lying piece of shit you are."
Jenny "What the hell did you just say?"
Ariel "You heard what I said!"
Gabriel "Girls, girls, this is enough!"
Jenny got up from the bench.
Jenny "Be glad I do not kill you."
Ariel "I do not care if you kill me!"
Then Jenny picked up the gun and was aiming for Ariel.
Gabriel "You will not kill anyone in my church!"
Then they heard the car's voice.
Jenny "What the hell was that?"
Just then Jesus ran inside the church and he saw when Jenny was aiming for Ariel.
Jesus "What the hell is going on here?"
Ariel "Your psychopathic sister tried to kill me."
Jesus looked at Jenny.
Jesus "We will talk about it later, but now we go to the gate."
They ran to the gate and others were already there.
Jenny "Rick, who the fuck are they?"
Rick "I do not have a clue."
Eva "We know who they are."

to be continued....



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