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Chapter 8

Daryl looked at Eva.
Daryl "Do you know who they are?"
Eva "So I just said."
Rick "Well, who are they?"
Eve "They are our community."
Sara "Yeah, they're Woodbury residents."
Then the car door opened and seven people came out.
Phillip "Good day."
Rick "Good day, sir, how can I help you?"
Phillip "What's your name now?"
Rick "I'm Rick, Rick Grimes and these are my people."
Phillip "I'm Phillip, Phillip Blake, but call me Governor. And these are my people."
Rick "What do you want?"
Governor "You have something that belongs to me."
Rick "Yeah and you got something that belongs to us."
Governor "Yes, your weapons."
Rick "We have nothing for you."
Governor "Oh, you have it."
Merle "Like what, asshole?"
Governor looked at Merle.
Governor "What is your name?"
Merle "And that damn thing does not belong to you."
Governor "That was unfriendly."
Mia "Merle, stop."
The governor looked at Mia.
Governor "His name is Merle, huh?"
Mia nodded.
Governor "Look, Merle I do not accept such behavior."
Merle "I do not hell obey you."
Holly "You should."
The Governor looked at Holly.
Governor "Holly, I handle the talking."
Holly "Okay, boss."
Governor "You have Eva and Eve."
Rosita "So we have what, then?"
Governor "And what's your name is a beautiful Miss?"
Rosita "That's Rosita."
Governor "Rosita, that beautiful name."
Abraham "Hey, leave my girlfriend in peace asshole!"
The governor saw Abraham.
Governor "And are you?"
Abraham, "I am Abraham."
Governor "Eva and Eve are my people, I want them back."
Jesus "And we want our hell weapons back!"
The governor looked at Jesus.
Governor "May I Have Your Name?"
Jesus "It's Paul, but call me Jesus."
Then Tara started laughing.
Jesus "Hey, girl, why are you laughing?"
Tara "Your name, it sounds childish!"
Jenny "Hey, do not hell talk to my brother that way!"
The governor looked at Jenny.
Governor "He is your brother?"
Jenny "Yeah, and if you do not go to hell out of here so I ..."
Right then, Eugenie fired at Logan's leg.
Logan "What the fuck! Oh, my fucking leg!"
Eugenie "Sorry, I have a delicate trigger finger."
Logan "You're dead!"
Logan was just picking up the gun when the Governor stopped him.
Governor "We did not come here to kill anyone."
Logan "But that fucking girl shot me in my leg!"
Eugenia "I have a fucking name."
Logan "And what's the fuck it is?"
Eugenia "That's Eugenia."
Governor "Look, Eugenie, why did you do that?"
Eugenia "I already said that I have a delicate trigger finger."
Eugene "You do not have one."
Eugenia "Shut Up Eugene!"
Governor "You are siblings, huh?"
Eugene "Unfortunately."
Eugenia "Hey, what the hell did that mean?"
Eugene "Sometimes I'm ashamed to be your brother."
Eugenia "I'm sorry if I'm your fucking sister!"
Then Eugenia turned around and she ran away angrily.
Eugene "Eugenia, wait!"
But Eugenia had already disappeared.
Eugene "Damn it."
Emma looked at Daisy.
Emma "They may have disagreements."
Daisy "Sometimes the siblings have."
Rick "Listen, you'll get Eva and Eve back if you give us back our weapons."
Mason "Not in hell!"
Governor "Mason, shut up!"
Mason did not say anything.
Governor "No. First you give me Eva and Eve."
Rick "Unfortunately it does not work that way."
Governor "Well then the weapons are left to us."
Rachel "You're not fuckin 'serious."
Governor"Yes I am, beautiful."
Rick "Do not talk to my girlfriend!"
Governor "Sorry."
Ariel whispered to Judith's ear, "That guy does not give up."
Judith whispered back "Yeah maybe not."
Then the Governor noticed Ariel and Judith.
Governor "Hey, girls."
Judith and Ariel looked at the Governor.
Governor "I noticed that you whispered to each other."
Ariel "Yeah, they were just girls' stories."
Governor "Who is your father?"
Ariel "Abraham is my father."
Judith "And Rick is mine."
The governor turned to look at Rick and Abraham and Abraham noticed that the Governor smiled badly.
Abraham "Do not even fuck think about it!"
Then the Governor turned back to see Ariel and Judith, who just stared at him.
Governor "I think it's time to go for a little ride, girls. What do you say?"
Ariel "We do not go to hell!"
Abraham looked proud at Ariel.
Ariel "You can not force us to come with you!"
Governor "Yes, I can and will do it if you do not volunteer with me."
Ariel "Why in hell should we come?"
The governor did not say anything, he just pulled Judith close to him.
Rick "Hey, stop!"
The governor did not listen to Rick.
Ariel "Hey, son of a bitch, you can not do that."
Governor "I can!"
Then the governor struck Ariel on the cheek and Ariel dropped to the ground with pain.
Carol "Ariel!"
Carol ran to Ariel. And Carol looked angrily at the Governor.
Carol "How could you hit her?"
Governor "She was annoying."
Carol "Let go of Judith right now!"
Governor "Sorry it will not happen."
Then the Governor looked at Judith.
Governor "Time to go home, sweetheart."
Judith "No!"
Then the Governor pulled Judith up.
Governor "Let's Go!"
Rick "You can not do this!"
The Governor turned to see Rick and Rick noticed that the Governor had put the knife on Judith's neck.
Governor "She will die if any of you is doing something stupid!"
Judith "No, I do not want to die!"
Governor "Shut up!"
The governor looked at Benjamin.
Governor "Benjamin, take the girl in the car and close the door."
Benjamin just nodded, then pulled Judith to the car.
Judith "Hey, stop!"
Benjamin "It will not happen."
Then Judith started kicking Benjamin.
Benjamin "Dude, you are a tough case."
Benjamin threw Judith inside the car.
Judith "You're an asshole!"
Benjamin did not say anything, he just slammed the car door shut.
Rick "Why?"
Governor "Look, you'll get your daughter back when you're ready to give Eva and Eve me."
Merle "What about those hell guns?"
Governor "You will also receive them."
MIA: "You know, you were blaming for the deprivation of liberty."
Governor "I know, but we are going now."
Others went back to the car where Judith was sitting.
Governor "Rick you know what to do to get your daughter back."
Then the governor walked to the car and at that moment Daryl lifted the crossbow and was about to shoot the Governor. But Rick lowered the crossbow.
Daryl "What the hell, Rick?"
Rick "It just makes it even worse if you shoot him."
Then they looked when the governor drove away.
Carl "Dad, you just let him take Judith!"
Rick "I could not do anything else!"
Carl "You could have done!"
Rick "It would not have helped!"
Sara: "Well, you'll blame yourself if your daughter dies."
Rick "She will not die, I will not let it happen."
Sara "It still happens."
Rick "How do you know that?"
Sara just shrugged her shoulders.
Eva "You're in a deep shit now, Rick."
Rick "How is that?"
Eve "We know what kind of man the Governor is."
Eva "And we also know he is not kind to your daughter."
In the meantime in the car.
Judith "I want to go home!"
Holly "We'll be home soon."
Judith "That place where you bring me that is not my home!"
Mason "It will be your home now."
Judith "No!"
Daisy "Oh, yes!"
Then they had arrived in Woodbury.
Governor "Welcome to your new home, Judith."
Everybody gets out of the car except Judith.
Tara "Well, come on now."
Judith "I'm not coming."
Tara "Hey, do not bother doing this harder than it is."
Judith "I will not come!"
Tara "Look, you're making this difficult."
Logan looked at Tara.
Logan "Need help?"
Tara "No, no thank you."
Logan "Okay, I'll go."
Tara "Okay, I'm coming with Judith."
Logan "Okay."
Then Logan disappeared.
Tara "Listen, Judith this would be easier if you would cooperate with me."
Judith "I want to go home!"
Tara "That's what we all want."
Then Tara brought Judith out of the car.
Tara "It's not that hard, right?"
Judith did not say anything, she just crossed his arms.
Tara "Okay, then we go."
Judith follows Tara reluctantly.
Mason "It looks like you finally got him out of the car."
Tara "Yeah, but that was not easy."
Mason "I can imagine it."
Tara "Did the Governor Say Where Should I Take Her?"
Mason "To the house right now."
Tara "Okay."
Then Tara looked at Judith.
Tara "And let's go again."
Judith followed Tara to the inn.
Judith "I want to go home."
Tara "I know you want it."
Emma "Governor is in the office, if you are looking for him."
Tara "Okay."
Then Emma saw Judith.
Emma "Tara, who's that?"
Tara "It's Rick's daughter Judith."
Emma "Oh, why is she here?"
Tara "The governor, so to speak, kidnapped him."
Emma "Governor did what?"
Tara "kidnapped her."
Emma "The Governor kidnapped him?"
Tara "So I just said."
Emma "Why the hell?"
Tara "I do not know."
Emma "Okay."
Tara "We're going now. You know the Governor does not like waiting."
Emma "Oh, I guess I know."
Then Tara and Judith walked toward the Governor's office.
Judith "So your boss kidnapped me, huh?"
Tara "Well, technically, yes."
Judith "Why did he do that?"
Tara "There is no clue."
Then Tara knocked on the door.
Governor "Come inside the door is open!"
Tara and Judith walked into the office and Judith noticed an aquarium that was not full of fish but walkers' heads.
Judith "What the hell are they?"
Governor "They are the walkers' heads. Have not you seen them before?"
Judith "Yeah, but not in the aquarium."
Governor "Well, they are so-called my fish."
Judith "You're sick!"
Governor "I'll take that compliment."
Tara "Can I go?"
Governor "Of course you can and close the door when you go."
Tara "Okay."
Then Tara went out of the office and she closed the door.
Governor "Sit down."
Judith "Preferably I stand."
Governor "Whatever you want."
Judith "What do you want?"
Governor "You know, I had a daughter sometimes."
Judith "What happened to her?"
Governor "Walker bite her."
Judith "You killed him, did not you?"
Governor "Of course I killed him, and his head is in that aquarium."
Judith "His head is in the aquarium?"
Governor "Yep, up there in the left corner."
Judith looked up at the left corner.
Judith "You're sick."
Governor "You said it already."
Judith "You're also a shithead."
Governor "Thank you, I guess."
Judith "Can I go home now?"
Governor "Unfortunately you can not."
Judith "What?"
Governor "I'm going to make you my daughter."
Judith "You're messed up with your head!"
Governor "No, no, I just want a new daughter."
Judith "Well, I'm not going to be me."

to be continued.....



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