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Chapter 9

In the meantime, on the other hand, Rick was on other worlds and he did not hear or saw anything.
Mia "Rick! Rick!"
Rick did not react in any way.
Mia "Rick! Rick, are you okay?"
Rick still did not react.
Daryl "Earth calls you, Rick!"
Daryl waved his hand at Rick's eyes, but Rick did nothing.
Rachel "I think Rick is in shock."
Sarah "Well, you would also be if someone kidnapped your kid in front of your eyes."
Carol "Hello, Rick is anyone home? Answer me."
Then Rick shakes and he stared at Carol as he was paralyzed.
Carol "Are you okay?"
Rick "I .... Where ... where is Judith? .... Is she okay?"
Carol looked at Daryl, who shrugged his shoulders, and then Carol looked at Rick again.
Carol "Do not you know what happened?"
Rick "What happened?"
Daryl "Hell Governor kidnapped Judith in front of our eyes!"
Rick "Did he do what?"
Sara "The Governor kidnapped your daughter, Rick."
Rick "I must .... I have to .... go and save her."
Carol "No, you do not go anywhere in that state of mind."
Rick "Carol, but I have to ... I have to ...."
Carol "I know you have to, but you're in shock right now, so we can not let you go anywhere."
In the meantime, Woodbury.
Judith "I want the hell out of here! This is not my hell of my home!"
Governor "I already said that you will be my new daughter."
Judith "That ain't going to happen!"
Governor "It will happen."
Judith "Ain't happening!"
The governor just waving his hand.
Governor "It Happens."
Judith "Not in hell!"
Governor "You can not do anything about it!"
Judith "I ain't going to be your daughter!"
Governor "You do not give up, do you?"
Judith "I did not think."
Governor "Damn you, you're a difficult case."
Judith "Why me?"
Governor "What?"
Judith "Why me? Why did not you take Ariel, she was older than me."
Governor "I wanted a young girl."
Judith did not say anything.
Governor "Go now. I have more to do."
Judith "You're crazy!"
Governor "Maybe I am, but now go out."
Judith went to walked toward the door.
Judith "You're a psychopath! Get some help!"
Then Judith went out and slammed the door.
Governor "Damn, she's stubborn."
Emma saw Judith.
Emma "Hey, girl!"
Judith looked at Emma.
Emma "What is your name? I'm Emma."
Judith "Judith."
Emma "Listen, Judith what the Governor did was not nice."
Judith "His head is messed up."
Emma "Yes, probably."
Judith "And his mind too."
Emma "Maybe."
Judith "He tries to make me his new daughter."
Emma dropped her book on the floor and stared at Judith.
Emma "What the hell did you just say?"
Judith "The governor tries to make me his new daughters."
Emma "That is crazy. He is definitely messed up in his head."
Judith "I want to get out of here!"
Emma "Same."
Judith "Why do not we run away?"
Emma "It would be useless."
Judith "How is that?"
Emma "We'll be caught if we even try it."
Judith "We're smarter than they are."
Emma "I do not know about that."
Judith "We could even try."
Emma "Maybe."
Judith "By the way, do you know where our weapons are?"
Emma "Yeah, and in fact, I'm responsible for them."
Judith "I thought it was Tara."
Emma "Well, let's say that Tara sucked, so the Governor put me in charge now."
Judith "Can you show where they are?"
Emma "Of course, come on."
Judith left following Emma, on the way they came across Daisy.
Daisy "Where are you going?"
Emma "I'll show Judith where she sleeps."
Daisy "Okay, did the governor tell you to do that?"
Emma, "Yep."
Daisy "Okay."
Emma "Well, let's see later Daisy."
Daisy "Yeah."
Then Daisy disappeared.
Judith "What had happened to her?"
Emma "Huh?"
Judith "What had happened to her other eyes?"
Emma "She lost it in the fight .."
Judith "Who fought against him?"
Emma "That was Sara."
Judith "Sara is on our side now."
Emma "She was on our side before."
Judith "What happened?"
Emma "Sara was tired of obeying the Governor, so she ran away, but Daisy caught him, but Sara fought back and she stabbed Daisy in the eye."
Judith "Probably, Daisy hates Sara, right?"
Emma "Well guessed."
Judith did not say anything.
Emma "You know, many have tried to escape here and the outcome was really bad."
Judith "What have happened to them?"
Emma "Rather, I will not tell you."
Judith "You do not have to, because I already know what happens to them, or at least I think so."
Emma "Well, what do you think happened to them?"
Judith "I think the Governor has executed them."
Emma did not say anything, but the look on his face told everything.
Judith "I guess I guess right."
Emma "Yeah, so you will."
Then they had arrived at the armory.
Judith "Our weapons are there?"
Emma "At least half of them."
Judith "Where are the rest?"
Emma "I do not know."
Judith "What do you mean?"
Emma "Well, Governor made a trade with one community so I think some of the weapons are there."
Judith "What was the name of the community?"
Emma "I do not know, and the Governor refused to tell it."
Judith "Really?"
Emma, "Yep."
It was just the way Emma noticed that Tara and Benjamin were walking towards them.
Emma "Oh shit."
Judith "What now?"
Emma "Tara and Benjamin are coming here, you have to hide."
Judith "Where the hell am I hiding?"
Emma "I do not hell know just fucking hid somewhere."
Judith noticed the closet.
Judith "What is that closet?"
Emma "There are cleaning utensils."
Jusith "I'm hiding there."
Emma "I think it's better than nothing."
Judith opened the door to the closet and she hid himself there. And Emma was standing in front of the closet.
Tara "Hey, Emma."
Emma "Hey, Tara."
Benjamin just nodded and Emma nodded back.
Emma "I heard somebody shoot Logan."
Benjamin "Yeah, someone shot him on his leg."
Emma "Is he okay now?"
Tara "Yeah."
Emma "It was certainly not nice."
Benjamin "Well, certainly not."
Emma "What do you want?"
Benjamin "Have you seen the new girl out here?"
Emma "Who do you mean?"
Tara "He means Judith."
Emma "Oh, yeah, I have not seen her."
Benjamin "But Daisy saw him with you."
Emma "Well, Daisy saw the wrong, and she's half a blind, anyway."
Tara and Benjamin looked at each other. Then Benjamin looked at Emma.
Benjamin, "Well, it may be, but if you saw Judith, tell him that the Governor is looking for him."
Emma "Of course."
Then Tara and Benjamin will continue their journey.
Emma "Damn it, that was close."
Then Emma opened the closet door.
Emma "You can come out now."
Judith came out of the cabinet and she was covered with dust.
Judith "That cupboard was messy though there were cleaning supplies."
Emma "Well, no one will ever clean it."
Judith "Why?"
Emma "Nobody cares about it."
Judith "Okay."
Then Emma typed the code and the lock and door opened and they went inside.
Judith "Why Code Lock?"
Emma "Because outsiders would not get inside."
Judith "You just know the code?"
Emma "Yeah."
Judith "Tara does not know it?"
Emma "She has forgotten it a long time ago."
Judith "Now I understand why the Governor put you in charge of these."
Then Emma shut the door.
Judith "Can not anyone come in here?"
Emma "No one else knows the code just me."
Judith "Not even the Governor?"
Emma "Well, he knows the old code but it will not work anymore."
Judith "How is that?"
Emma "Well, I kind of exchanged it."
Judith "Did you change it?"
Emma, "Yep."
Judith "What if the Governor knows that you have changed it?"
Emma "He does not know hhe will not ever know it."
Judith "But outside there was a surveillance camera image."
Emma "Yeah, there it was."
Judith "That means there are surveillance cameras here."
Emma "No more."
Judith "What?"
Emma "I broke them."
Judith "Really?"
Emma "Yeah."
Judith "Why?"
Emma "Well, I found the door from here that leads directly to freedom."
Judith "So that means we can escape, huh?"
Emma "Yep, and it leads directly to the woods, so we have a good chance to escape."
Judith "But if anyone sees us."
Emma "No one can see us."
Judith "How is that?"
Emma "Because no one will ever be guarding there."
Judith "So could we escape now?"
Emma "So I thought."
Judith "Yeah, we could."
Emma started packing the guns in the bag.
Emma "Here's all I found."
Judith "Well, at least there are half of the weapons."
Judith "Let's go then."
Emma and Judith walked toward the door. Then they heard Holly's voice.
Holly "Hell, this code does not work!"
Mason "Try again."
Emma looked at Judith.
Emma "They'll never get that door open."
Judith "Are you sure?"
Emma "I am."
And they heard Holly again.
Holly "This code does not fuck work!"
Mason "It should work!"
Holly "Well, it did not officially fuck work!"
Mason "Let me try."
Then they heard when Mason tried to open the lock.
Mason "What the fuck is that this code has worked before!"
Emma opened the door and they stepped out of the door and then Emma closed it and they ran into the woods.
Judith "How long are they trying to open that lock?"
Emma "It can not go long before they realize that I have changed the fucking code."
Mason and Holly were still trying to open the lock and they did not know that Emma had changed it and they did not even know that Emma and Judith had escape.
Holly "This is useless! That fucking lock does not open!"
Mason "Unless someone has changed the code."
Holly "Well, who could fuck it be?"
Mason "Tara."
Holly "How is that?"
Mason "Well, she is officially responsible for the weapons."
But Holly and Mason did not know that Tara was no longer responsible for the weapons, but that was Emma.
Holly "Let's go find Tara."
Mason "Yep."
Then they go looking for Tara.
Daisy "What are you looking for?"
Holly "We're looking for Tara. Have you seen her?"
Daisy "She's in the living room with Benjamin. Is there anything that happened?"
Mason "Well, we tried to get the door open, but it did not open."
Daisy "You had a code, right?"
Holly "Yeah, but it did not work."
Daisy "It should."
Mason "Unless Tara has changed it."
Daisy "Why would Tara change it?"
Holly "That's what I was thinking."
Daisy "Well, let's go ask her."
Mason "Yep."
Then they went to the living room where Tara and Benjamin were watching TV.
Holly "Hey."
Banjamin looked up and he looked at Holly.
Benjamin "Oh, hey."
Mason "Tara we would like to ask you something."
Tara looked up and stared at Mason, Holly and Daisy.
Tara "Yeah?"
Holly "Oh, did you change the code lock code?"
Tara "No, I do not, why?"
Holly "Well, that old code did not work."
Tara "Well, I'm not officially responsible for the weapons anymore."
Mason "What?"
Tara "You did not know it?"
Daisy "No, we did not know it."
Holly "Who is it then, if not you?"
Tara "I do not know, maybe the Governor?"
Benjamin "Yeah, it can be."
That was when the Governor came to the living room.
Holly "Oh, boss?"
Governor "Yeah, Holly?"
Holy "Are You ....."
The governor, "I'm what?"
Mason "Have you changed the code lock code?"
Governor "I'm not, of course, why are you asking?"
Daisy "Well, that old code will not work anymore."
Governor "What did you say?"
Daisy "That old code will not work anymore."
Governor "Who the hell has changed it?"
Logan "Maybe Emma?"
Everyone turned to look at Logan.
Governor "How are you sure?"
Logan "Well, did Emma officially be responsible for the weapons?"
Holly "Is she?"
Governor "Yeah, she is."
Tara "And you could not say to me?"
Governor "I was about to tell, but then things changed."
Daisy "From the third where the hell is Emma?"
Governor "I thought she was with you."
Daisy "Well, she is not, and I saw him last with Judith."
Governor "Why was Judith with her?"
Daisy "Well, Emma told me that you had told her to show where Judith was sleeping."
Governor "I did not command him to do so."
Logan "That means Emma was lying."
Governor "You go to look for them and you do not come back as soon as you've found them!"
Tara "Okay, boss!"
In the meantime in the woods.
Emma "Where's your camp?"
Judith "Still a couple miles so we're there."
Emma "Good, because I'm not tired."
Right then about three walkers were coming towards them.
Judith "Oh shit."
Emma "Take the gun."
Judith picked up the gun from the bag. She was just about the shoot the walker until suddenly the arrow pierced the walker's head.
Emma "What the hell?"
Judith "It was certainly Daryl."
Emma "Who?"
Judith "Daryl."
Right then, Daryl came out.
Daryl "Judith?"
Judith "Daryl!"
Judith ran to hug Daryl.
Daryl "How could you escape?"
Judith "Emma helped me."
Daryl "Who is Emma?"

Judith "She's Emma."
Judith showed Emma, who smiled shyly.
Daryl "Thank you."
Emma "It was nothing, and this is half of your weapons."
Then Emma handed the bag Daryl, full of weapons.
Emma "My job is done, now I'll go back to Woodbury."
Judith "Wait, do not go is too dark, you can sleep in our camp and go back tomorrow, right, Daryl?"
Judith looked at Daryl.
Daryl "Yeah, I think it's okay."
Judith "Okay then."
Then they walked back to the camp and Mia noticed them.
Mia "Is that Judith?"
Rick turned to look at the gate.
Rick "Yes it is."
Then Rick ran to Judith.
Rick "Judith!"
Judith "Dad!"
Then Rick hug Judith.
Rick "Forgive me."
Judith "Dad, it's okay. I'm here now."
Rick "How?"
Judith "Emma helped me escape."
Merle "Who the hell is Emma?"
Then Emma opened her mouth.
Emma "I am."
Rick looked at Emma.
Rick "Thank you, really much."
Emma "No problem."
Then Rick shook hands with Emma.
Rick "I do not know how i would replace this for you."
Emma "Do not worry about it."
Daryl "And look, she brought us half of our weapons."
Abraham "Okay?"
Daryl "Yep."
Then Daryl dropped the bag to the ground full of weapons.
Rick "Where are the rest of the weapons? Are they still Woodbury?"
Emma "No, no, those were the only weapons I found."
Jenny "Well, where's the rest of the shit?"
Emma "Well, Governor made a change of trade with another community, so I think your half of the weapon is with them."
Jesus "And what is the name of the community?"
Emma "I do not know and Governor has not agreed to tell it."
Sara "I can figure it out."
Rick "What?"
Sara "I know many different communities."
Eugene "How can you do it?"
Sara "I just can."
Rick "You'll start tomorrow."
Sara "Of course."
Judith "Can Emma sleep here?"
Rick "Yes, she can, that's the least I can do for him."
Emma "Thank you."
Rick "You can sleep in the church."
Emma "Okay, where is it?"
Rick "It's visible there."
Emma looked to the right and saw the church.
Emma "Okay, I'll go there."
Rick "Gabriel is there."
Emma "Okay."
Rick "If he asks you something, say that I sent you."
Emma "Yeah."
Then Emma walked toward the church and Gabriella saw him.
Gabrielle "What the hell?"
Gabriella picked up the gun and she was aiming for Emma.
Gabriella "Stop!"
Emma stopped and she stared at Gabrielle.
Gabrielle "Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?"
Emma "I am Emma, and Rick sent me here."
Gabrielle "Where are you from?"
Emma "I'm coming from Woodbury."
Gabrielle "Why are you here?"
Emma "I helped Judith escape and Rick said that I can sleep here until tomorrow."
Gabrielle "Okay, then go inside, but my brother Gabriel is there."
Emma "Rick told me that already."
Then Gabriella opened the door and Emma went inside the church and Gabriella shut the door.
Gabrielle "She was a strange girl."
In the meantime, inside the church.
Emma "Hey, is there anyone here?"
Gabriel "Yes, I am."
Then Gabriel noticed Emma.
Gabriel "Are you new here? I have not seen you before here."
Emma "Well, sort of."
Gabriel "What's your name, girl?"
Emma "My name is Emma."
Gabriel, "I am Gabriel."
Emma just nodded.
Gabriel "Emma, what brought you here?"
Emma "I helped Judith escape and Rick said I could sleep here until tomorrow."
Gabriel "Okay."
Emma "So I guess I can sleep here?"
Gabriel "Of course you can."
Emma "Thank you, I guess."
Gabriel "You did a good deed and you were brave."
Emma "Or then I did shit deed and I was stupid."
Gabriel "Do not say that."
Emma "I get shit on my neck if I go back to Woodbury."
Gabriel "You can stay here."
Emma "I do not know about that."
Gabriel "What would happen to you if you went back?"
Emma "In worst case, I could be dead."
Gabriel "Well, then you really do not go back there."
Emma "I must."
Gabriel "Why?"
Emma "That place is my home."
Gabriel "This could be your new home and here you would be safe."
Emma "Yeah, maybe you're right."
Gabriel "I'll go to bed and see you tomorrow."
Emma "Okay."
Meanwhile, on the other hand.
Rick "Let's go to sleep."
Everybody went to sleep except Daryl. Daryl went to the back yard and stared at the stars in the sky.
Carol "Can I sit?"
Daryl woke up and turned to look at Carol.
Daryl "Yeah, I think so."
Carol went to sit Daryl next door.
Daryl "You're not sleeping?"
Carol "I can not sleep."
Daryl "Same."
Carol "Do you know what?"
Daryl "Well, what?"
Carol "If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, i bet they'd live a lot differently. When you look into infinity, you realize there are more important things than what people do all day."
Daryl did not say anything, so Carol continues to talk.
Carol "I know the stars are my home. I learned about them. I needed them for survival in terms of navigation. I know where i am when i look up at the sky. I know where i am when i look up at the moon. It's not just some abstract romantic idea. It's something very real to me. See. I've expanded my home."
Daryl "Okay."
Carol "I was not ready yet."
Daryl "Okay, tell me."
Carol "Look at the stars. It won't fix the economy. It won't stop wars. It won't give you flat abs, or better sex or even help you figure out your relationship and what you want to do with your life. But it's important. It helps you remember that you and your problems are both infinitesimally small and conversely, that you are a piece of an amazing and vast universe."
Daryl just shrugged his shoulders. So Carol continues.
Carol "I'll always care about you. I'll care about you now, i'll care about you tomorrow. Even if you hurt me. Even if you piss me off. Even when we fight. Even when i'm angry i'd still care about you like i've always cared."

Daryl looked at Carol.
Daryl "What did you say?"
Carol "I care about you."
Daryl did not say anything, he just got up.
Carol "Hey, where are you going?"
Daryl "I go to bed, you should also."
Then Daryl went inside the inn.
Merle "I saw everything in the window."
Daryl did not say anything.
Merle "Carol is in love with you, and I know you're in love with her."
Daryl "I'm not!"
Mia mumbled in sleep.
Mia "Daryl, do not shout you wake up the whole damn house."
Daryl "Sorry, it was my asshole brother's fault."
Mia "Merle, come and sleep and let Daryl be."
Merle "All right."
Then Merle went back to sleep.
Daryl "Damn it!"
Then Jesus awoke.
Jesus "Why are you shouting? People are trying to sleep here!"
Daryl "Sorry, no purpose."
Then Daryl went upstairs and went to his own room.
Daryl "Fuck."
Then Daryl hit the fist wall so that a small hole came into the wall and his knuckles began to bleed. Right then, Eugene knocked on her door.
Daryl "Yeah?"
Eugene "Did you have to break my wall?"
Daryl "You are my wall neighbor?"
Eugene "Officially."
Daryl "Sorry, about that wall."
Eugene "Are you okay?"
Daryl "Yeah, I am."
Eugene "Can I come in?"
Daryl "No."
Eugene "Okay then."
Daryl "I'll fix that wall tomorrow, I promise it."
Eugene "Okay."
Then Daryl heard when Eugene went back to his room.
Daryl "Fucking, fucking, fuck."
On the other side of the wall.
Eugene "You know, I hear everything .."
Daryl "I know."
Eugene "Are you really okay?"
Daryl "Yeah, I am. Do not worry about me."
Eugene "You sound .... how would I say this .... you sound a bit angry, are you?"
Daryl "I'm what?"
Eugene "Angry?"
Daryl "No, of course not."
Eugene "If you would, you would not admit it, right?"
Daryl "No doubt."
Eugene "I know you are."
Daryl "I'm what?"
Eugene "You're angry."
Daryl "I'm not."
Eugene "You are."
Daryl "How is that?"
Eugene "Your voice sounds angry."
Daryl "My voice always sounds like this."
Eugene "I know you're angry. Grant it."
Daryl "Hell, I'm not angry."
Eugene "You are."
Daryl "Shut up."
Eugene "You are."
Daryl "You're annoying!"
Eugene "No, I'm just a scientist."
Daryl "Do you know, you ain't fucking scientist."
Eugene "I am."
Daryl "You're a shit."
Eugene "No, I'm a scientist."
Daryl "Yeah, a shit scientist who tried to blow up this place."
Eugene "Be silent and let me sleep."
Daryl "You started this."
Eugene "Do not hell."
Then they heard the voice of Eugenie.
Eugenie "Shut up already. People are trying to sleep here."
Daryl and Eugene did not say anything.
Eugenie "Fuck at last silence."
At last, Daryl and Eugene fell asleep, but Carol was still awake and she slipped into the inn, and she dashed upstairs and went to her own room.
Carol "It's time to leave here,"
Before Carol left, she left the message on the table.
Carol "I'm sorry, Daryl, I have to."
Then Carol put his backpack on his back and she opened the window, then she jumped out of the window and ran toward the forest.

to be continued....



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