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My Arrow

1. Found

Lying on cold concrete is not so much fun as one could think. I should know ‘cause I have been lying here for days. Every bone in my body felt like they would shatter for the lightest touch. My skin and muscles were sore from the beating I have been taken. But it was so worth it. Biting that dudes ear off was the best thing that happened to me in a long time. He sure didn’t think it was so funny and got bat shit crazy when I started to laugh. But hello, he was the one crying like a baby. He beat the shit out of me. Still didn’t see me cry. I didn’t own anything relevant, like food or a cow. Cow would be super cool. So no, I had no clue why I was here. They rated the shithole I was living in. Not that they found anything in there. Unless they were in bad need of dirty clothes or maybe they just loved the décor. Cause I can tell you, that mummified rat in the corner just did it.
Stairs creaked, so I was ‘bout to get some company. I craned my neck to see them. Did absolutely no good and hurt like hell. Only saw glimpses of boots but that’s it. I couldn’t move much cause I was tied from my wrist and ankles with a rope that bit my skin harder than Z’s. They tied me after that stunt of mine. Thought I was unpredictable and maybe little dangerous. Both things I would agree on. I had nothing to lose and I kind of have this thing with people. They hate me I hate them. So, no use to keep them around me, I would just get annoyed. I liked to be alone. It never bothered me.
From the haze of my thoughts, I realized that I was staring at boots. It pushed me on the shoulder. My whole body was set on fire. I screamed from the pain. Yeah maybe my body didn’t quite like the treading it had received. When the pain wave passed, I felt hands on me. Unfortunately I was incapable to do anything about it. I was pissed to myself for letting me be held in this hell hole and for getting myself in this condition. I should have thought little bit. Let’s just say that old habits die hard.
‘’Daryl’’, rang shout from above.
‘’ Over here’’, yield the guy beside me. I heard fast footsteps. I could not turn to them cause the pain wave showed its ugly head if I moved even a little bit.
‘’Prisoner, no bites, took one helluva beatin’ from somebody’’, said the Daryl guy. I smirked.
‘’Totally worth it’’, I heard my raspy voice say. There was moment of silence.
‘’Why you are here?’’, asked the second voice.
‘’You met the guys?’’, I asked.
‘’Yes’’, heard answer.
‘’Then ask them’’, I answered.
‘’Can’t, they’re dead’’, he answered.
‘’Well, then it’s a mystery’’, I said. Pain was making my head was spin and I felt like barfing. My vision didn’t quite work right. I closed my eyes.
‘’We need to roll. Walkers are coming’’, whisper-yelled new voice somewhere near.
‘’Ok, let’s go’’.
‘’What ‘bout her? We can’t leave her’’, said third voice, ‘’Rick’’. There was moment of complete silence.
‘’Okay, Daryl you carry her, Glenn cover him’’. I felt hand beneath my knees and behind my neck. I groaned from the pain. Strong arms held me tight as I was carried away.


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