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My Arrow

2. Escape attempt

Waking up was the one of the things I hated the most. And this time wasn’t exception. I woke up disorientated and cranky. I heard noises, people making noises. I opened my eyes and noticed that I was lying on a mattress. There was blanket on top of me. Then I realized I wasn’t tied up or in a basement anymore. I tried thinking what had happened. I only remembered bits and pieces. But nothing I could hold on to. I got up slowly. My body felt like shit. I bit my lip hard, not to make any sounds. I didn’t want to alarm anybody that I was awake. I have to leave while I could. I looked around me. There were bars everywhere. I looked for open doors and luckily found one. I walked along the walls to the door, slowly and as quietly as I could.

Corridors were empty so, it was easier to get out. But finding out wasn’t simple. I walked many times wrong way and found dead end. Finally, when I got out, I was so tired. I was not sure if I could make it. I was breathing hard and the pain had got more intense. I tried walking ahead but fell on my knees. All around was fences and there were many Zs. They were biting the fence to get in. I looked behind me and realized that this was prison. How in the hell did I end up here?
‘’Fuck’’, I said when I realized I didn’t even have a weapon. I looked the ground. Maybe I could just hide somewhere here.
‘’Going somewhere?’’, said faintly familiar voice behind me. My body got tense and my mind raced. I took few calming breaths, lifted my head and turned to look where voice came. I saw three men. Black guy, sheriff guy and dirty guy were standing there. They had guns and their body position told me they were ready for action if it came to that. These weren’t the man who took me. I had no idea where I was or who I was with. I got up from the ground and turned to them.
‘’Who’re you?’’, I asked instead of answering the question. Sheriff moved little closer and turned his head sideways. It reminded me of dogs. I stepped uneasily back but lifted my chin stubbornly, so I wouldn’t seem weak.
‘’We found you in basement tied up. Want tell something about that?’’, sheriff said, ‘’You said you didn’t know why they took you, remember that?’’.
‘’No, I don’t remember. And no I have no idea why they took me. They busted my door and knocked me unconscious’’, I answered. Maybe they let me go if I told something, ‘’I woke up in that house, but they moved me to basement cause I bit one of the guys’ ear off.’’
‘’Why did you bite his ear off?’’, sheriff asked. I looked away and bit my tongue. I made my face go emotionless.
‘’He wanted something from me and I didn’t want to give it to him’’, I said and looked sheriff straight to eyes. Mans looked each other.
‘’We need to see that you can behave and when you are recovered we decide if you can stay with us’’, sheriff said. Without another word they left. I watched long time the door they went inside. This was not my place. I didn’t want to be here but there was nothing I could do in this shape to leave. I needed to heal and then leave. I surely didn’t belong here. I already felt anxious to stay here.
I stayed out. It didn’t feel right to go in and I wasn’t in a condition to walk back there. I wasn’t even sure if I could find there. I just lay on top of the table outside. It was hard and only made my back ache. I hurt everywhere. Every movement I made got me to bite my lip from the pain. I didn’t notice that I had dosed off until I woke up. Only to realize, that someone was standing beside me. I was so startled that I fell from the table. I curled up in a ball from the impact. Grunted and bit inside of my cheek as hard as I could. I really don’t know how much more pain I could handle.
‘’Sorry, I didn’t know you were sleeping’’, said female voice. Trying to get up was difficult. I was getting so sick of it. Truth to be told, I was so sick of it that I could’ve beat my own ass for it. Damn this sucked. When I finally got myself stand, I saw short haired woman and the earlier dirty guy.
‘’There is food for you inside. Maybe you should come inside and eat. You have been here for hours’’, woman said. I didn’t know what to say. Never crossed my mind that they would give me food.
‘’Oh, okay.. Thanks?’’, I said and somehow made it sound like a question. Woman just smiled to me.
‘’Okay then, come’’, she said and came to me. She helped me to move. It made me very uneasy. Mr. Dirty –yeah I named him already- walked behind us. I think he was ready to put me down if I started to act funny.

Eating with them was so awkward. Nobody talked only coughed. I kept my head down like I were looking the food but time to time I peeked under my brows. They watched me and then each other. It made me feel weird. I started to recall lyrics to my favorite song and tried focus on the food. I noticed that my head started to sway with the music in my head. After the food Grey Lady checked my bruises and gave me some pain pills. Then I thanked and went to rest to the mattress.



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