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My Arrow


I kept the end. There were few Z’s roaming, but they were easily killed. We also bump into Chinese dude and another inmate. My head hurts like hell and I just hope that we find who we are looking and get the fuck out of here. I needed fresh air. After some more walking, we find Z’s eating someone. I can’t even tell who it is. It’s disgusting looking pile of meat. I had to turn my head away from it. It’s not like I haven’t seen half-eaten people before but with this headache, I’m sure I would’ve made new carpet to the floor. I closed my eyes and pinch the bridge of my nose. No use. With quiet groan I opened my eyes. Dirty was picking something on the floor and tuck it his back pocket. Other than that we found nothing.

Rest of the way they moved so fast that I almost got motion sickness from looking them go. They ran outside and I came behind slowly. Oldie and Lil’ miss Blondie were only ones outside. I sat down and put head to my hand and rubbed eyes with my thumps. I heard weird noises that I would only describe as baby babble. I must’ve hit my head one time too many. Sheriff was screaming orders to continue searching. I just wanted to lie down and die. Then I heard it again. Shit. Then suddenly everybody was quiet and I heard door screech. I lifted my head to saw little boy holding gun in his hand and woman with bloody hands holding baby. But the woman was not the pregnant lady. Sheriff walked toward them and dropped the axe. He seemed like he didn’t want to get close to them. He kept walking like around them and asked ‘where’s Lori’. Then he just broke down. It was so weird. I can honestly say I have never seen so much pain in someone’s face that Sheriff and the gun boy wore. I felt so bad for them that I couldn’t breathe. And I’m not even sure if I wanted to breathe. It was like car wreck, you just couldn’t turn your head. I finally gasped for air and looked everyone around me. They were devastated, all of them. I don’t know how long they have been together but definitely cared for each other more than I wanted ever care about anyone. More I thought about it more I realized that I didn’t belong with these people. I didn’t want to feel my emotions. I had long time ago locked them away. This was too much for me.

‘’Glenn. Maggie. Vamonos’’.
I was snapped from my thoughts. They were leaving somewhere but I had no idea where. I had been so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t hear what they talked about. Bloody Hands shouted to Sheriff when he picked the axe and left. He didn’t react in any way to her. I turned my gaze to rest of them. Gun boy was holding the baby and Oldie and Lil’ miss Blondie stood close to him. Then Bloody hands and Mr. Dirty left with bike roaring.
‘’Let’s go inside’’, Oldie said and looked at me and nodded. I walked behind them. Baby crying made me uneasy but I knew it wouldn’t shut up until it got something to eat. This was going to be long day. Everyone was so quiet. I hated it. Inside the prison Oldie told me to get cell for myself and said where water that I could get clean was. I went straight to upstairs and picked one cell at the end. All my clothes were dirty. I needed to clean them. Lil’ miss Blondie brought me her towel that I could borrow. Then I left outside to get clean. I put my clothes in bucket full of water. I rubbed them as hard and thoroughly as I could. I had no soap so this was as clean as I could get them. I put them on the tables to dry. I found private place in the yard and started quickly washing myself. I didn’t need anyone sees me butt naked. So, here I was, thinking how I hated doing normal stuff. It was just so… mundane. World is so messed up and here I am sitting towel around me and shaving my legs, why? What’s the point? It wasn’t like anybody saw my legs or even cared if they were shaved. And another thing was that I felt dumb doing this. And because of that I was somewhere in the prison yard watching like a hawk around me every time I heard some noise. I was hiding. I was ashamed of myself. It felt like my dirty little secret, bad habit that I couldn’t break. After I was done I put my boots and slip my ‘just in case’-blade back to its rightful place; inside my right boot. Then I marched back to my new home sell wondering how long I had to be only this towel around me.

By the nightfall I was still only towel around me. My clothes were still damp and I didn’t want to bring them inside because they smelled. Somehow I didn’t mind resting in the dark cell half naked. I listen to the sounds others were making. They were oddly calming. Only noise that made me cringe was the baby crying. I just wanted it to stop. Old memories of my baby brother pop in to my head. My parents never let me close to my baby brother when he was little. They said that I could accidentally hurt him. So, I sneaked at nights to watch him sleep. I didn’t hold him in my arms until dad left again, and I was only one who cared about him. Sparrow was result of a one night mistake. They were divorced and dad came to see me at my birthday like he always did. After divorce, I only saw him once a year. My mom knew he was coming, so she cleaned up and pretended that our life was perfect. He never knew what happened behind closed door. And I knew better than tell him. Mom would punish me if I told him anything about our life. It was all so fake that even thinking about it makes me gag. So I turned 11 and they fucked. After mom called dad about her pregnancy dad came back, and they tried working everything out but it was all vain. Dad left when Sparrow turned two and then it was again all fucked up.

I heard when Mr. Dirty and Bloody hands came back. I took my boots off and silently sneak to watch them from afar. After everything that happened today, I didn’t expect to see them to smile. They talked to the baby and thought about the name. All of them came together in ways I can’t even describe. They looked little bit sad but happy about the baby. They looked hopeful. How can something so little make so huge difference? I didn’t have the answer. Silently I backed back to my cell and left them to celebrate the newcomer.

After my adventure down to watch them, I didn’t mind the noises. Baby was quiet too so it was easier to relax. I tried to fall asleep, but I was getting cold. Thought about going check if the clothes would be dry but then decided against it. I didn’t want to go through the happy baby fuss. Someone cleared throat. I almost jumped out of my skin. I looked who there was and saw Mr. Dirty with something in his hands. He wasn’t looking at me.
‘’What the fuck? You almost gave me a heart attack’’, I said holding my chest. I saw him peek me under his hair.
‘’Sorry. I… we brought you few clothes we found’’, said Mr. Dirty and lay some clothes to my bed.
‘’Ou… I…. Thank you’’, I answered baffled. Then he just left. I didn’t know what to do or think. All I could do was stare the clothes. I couldn’t believe it. Gently I reached to touch them to make sure they were there. These people were crazy and amazing. I owe them so much. Silently I put the clothes on. They were too big for me but it didn’t matter. I lie on the bed and let the sleep take me away.


So here's another chapter. Hope you like it. Comment are always welcome. Hopefully there isn't too much mistakes. I tried to see all of them but… always you just can't see your own mistakes. So bear with me. Thank you all.


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