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My Arrow

Threads, dreads and locks

I had no idea what Sheriff was staring. It just seemed that he was standing and staring. Silently I walked behind the group trying to get better view of him. I was sad for him. He had two kids. I didn't even know if he had acknowledged the little one. And he had group to take care of. It was really weird to feel sad for him and for them. I was annoyed that I had this kind of feeling. It felt dumb. When I finally made it to my clothes, Gun Boy had run to his father. They all had left there. Then I saw it. There was black woman fighting with Z's. It looked like she was losing the battle. She fell to the ground. Gun shot. I don't know who fired it. More shots. Noise was bad, really bad. Sheriff and Gun boy went through the gates and Sheriff picked the woman. I picked my clothes in my hands. They felt dry but I really wasn't interested in that. They ran and I noticed that Gun Boy had something in his hands. Something red. They ran inside and I trailed behind them. When I finally got inside, Sheriff was spilling water on top of the woman. I backed near the cellblock’s door. Sheriff was laying some rules for the woman. She tried to take the sword but Sheriff pushed it away with his leg. I hugged my dry clothes. Mr. Dirty came behind me and walked further. He asked who the new woman was. Sheriff asked her name but she didn't answer. The whole situation felt little hostile although nothing happened. Nothing like when they interrogated me. Dirty had something to show to Sheriff, I had no idea what. They all got back in the cell blog. I was one of the last ones to go inside and stayed at the door. I looked at the woman trough the bars. She looked tough enough even with her being hurt. There was nothing that would make her seem weak. It was the way she carried herself. There was fence around her, electric fence with deadly amount of volts. Dirty came next to me and locked the door. They all went to one of the cells. Slowly I creep back to upstairs to my sell. They all looked happy to see Grey Lady. I was too, kind of. Something good for them for a while. When I got to my cell, I dropped my clothes on the floor. I was so tired. All this seemed so much to take in. I didn't know what to do or say or how to act. Was I now on their side? Or would the Sheriff kick me out anyway? And all the feelings, they just seemed to pop up out of nowhere now and I had no glue what to do whit them. This day was the worst. I fell on my knees. All these feelings felt like spider web around me. I couldn't get rid of it. No matter how hard I would shake them. I put my head on top off the mattress. I should leave. I had helped them. Was it enough? They saved my life. I massaged my face. No, it definitely was no enough. I'm sure they would let me go if I asked but it just didn't feel right. I stared at the sealing and tried to not feel anything.
I changed to my own clothes. I had nothing to do, so I went down. Just in time to see Sheriff, Oldie and Dirty going out the door. Lil' miss Blondie, Gun boy and Gray Lady was with the baby. Gray Lady was admiring her. I walked steadily to the bars. They were interrogating the woman. She had baby formula with her witch was bit weird. She was telling something about kidnapping. I had to think hard to realize that Chinese and Bloody Hands weren’t here. Were they kidnapped? Who would do something like that? Now when I think about it, I got kidnapped and I didn't even have anything. That's just how it was these days. Fucking messed up. Sheriff gripped black ladies wound. She got really angry. And I don't blame her. I would have too if they would had done that to me. I think Sheriff wasn't acting properly. Yes, he wanted answers but I didn't think that was right. Dirty was aiming her. My heart was trying to burst out of my ribcage. Sheriff lowered Dirty’s aim. I was listening silently them.
''You came here for a reason'', Sheriff said to her.
''There's a town. Woodbury. About 75 survivors. I think they were taken there'', she answers.
''A whole town?'', Sheriff asked. There was a town? Full of people? That couldn't be good. If they took Chinese and Bloody hands. They just couldn't be good. What did they want with them?
''…calls himself the Governor. Pretty boy, charming, Jim Jones type'', woman explained.
''He got muscle?'', Dirty asked. What were they thinking? I backed away from the bars. Dirty and Sheriff came little after me.

''How do you know we can trust her?'', Biggie asked. I was leaning bars and listening. Inmates were in this conversation. So, I had to be in here too. I was still feeling guilty about wanting to leave them. Damn me. I felt trapped. I still wanted to leave like right now but... Yeah, there was but, a big butt-ugly but. I felt like going insane inside these walls and bars. Trapped like an animal. I tried again to concentrate in the conversation they were having.
''This is Maggie and Glenn. Why are we even debating'', Lil' miss Blondie asked.
''We ain't. I'm going after them'', Dirty said.
''This place sound like it's really secure. You can't go alone'', Sheriff said.
''I'll go'', Lil' miss Blondie said.
''Me too'', said inmate who looked too much like Yosemite Sam in my eyes.
''I'm in'', Biggie said. I raised from the bars closer the conversation.
''Count me in too'', I said. They all turned heads towards me. I felt like I had grown second head or something. C'mon. Sheriff looked as all.
''Only three or four of us should go. Maggie and Glenn takes too seats'', Sheriff said. I was looking at everybody. I had to go.
''I'm good shot'', I said.
''Beth you should stay. Take care of Carol and the baby'', Sheriff said. Lil' miss Blondie nodded her head. I don't think Oldie would have let her go anyway.
''One should stay to protect the place'', I said. It was only logical.
''I'm not good with guns'', Yosemite said.
''Then you should stay'', Sheriff said ''Me, Daryl, Fairy Duster''. I raised my brow to Sheriff.
''And Oscar and her go'', Sheriff continues and ignored me. He points to direction of a new woman. We all just nod.
We pack the car. I go in the back to sit with Biggie and Lady Deadly Dreadlocks, Sheriff is driving of course. The whole car ride I was like cats on hot bricks. And that earned look or two from the others. I knew this was normal. I got jittery lot before fights but was ready in action when the time came. This was just a good sign. The ride seems to just go on and on. Deadly Dreadlock asked to stop. It would be more safely that way. So we stopped and continued by walking. I was just happy about it. It would calm my nerves more to exercise. We unpacked the car. The road let us through some forest-ish ground. Black ones were walking ahead and the whites were behind. I was walking between them, trying to boost myself. I was getting trough to myself when Sheriff ordered us down. There were Z's – or walkers like they called them – coming at us. Sheriff ordered us to formation. I just got with the flow. I did what I was told. They were coming all around us. We fought the ones we could and then ran. There just were too many of them. I ran behind Dirty. I didn't dare to look behind. I trusted my instinct not to get bitten from behind. Sheriff saw something and orders us in some kind of warehouse. The window in the door was bolted with boards. Inside was disgusting smell and I wished I hadn't eaten anything. I just wanted to barf. It was quiet inside. There was dark but I could see that they found dead dog when the light from the flashlight hit it. The smell probably came from the animal. The herd hit the boards in front and made lot of noises. I looked around me and when I turned back the others, Sheriff was pulling a blanket away. There was definitely lump under it. A living guy jumped out of the bed, and he had gun. My nerves jumped, and I was anxiously waiting what happened next. He definitely wasn't in his right mind. He pointed the gun at Sheriff. Sheriff was trying to calm him down. The man was making lots of noises. The herd outside was going wild. The boards were making noises that weren’t promising anything good. This wasn't good. Sheriff got him and his gun fired. Almost hit Dirty. The man was yelling and making more unnecessary noises. Sheriff put his hand on top of his mouth to quiet him, but he bit Sheriff. Stupid mistake, I would say but I didn't have time to make my point in the group and it would just be plain stupid to do so. The man ran to the door. I was holding my breath. I was too far away to do anything to stop him. If he opened the door, we would be fucked. Deadly Dreadlock put her blade thru him, and he fell to the ground. Glass broke. I was doing absolutely nothing. Just standing and watching. Sheriff asked Biggie to check the back door. He said something, but I was lost in the blood running on the floor. Sheriff and Dirty picked the man up and I watched as they pushed him to Z when Deadly Dreadlocks opened the door. They ran to back, and I was trailing behind them. These were one of the many things that made me think. I had no idea sometimes how to take these things we had to do. How to justify everything we did sometimes? I wasn't religious. I learned at young age that it wasn't for me. I took calming breath and ran as close them as could. As we got nearer Woodbury, Lady Deadly Dreadlocks took the lead. She knew exactly were to go. We were quiet like ninjas except the black clothing. I promised to myself that if I came alive from this I would get myself ninja outfit. We stopped behind car near the gated. I peeked and saw two lights on top of tires and few guards on watch.




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