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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 1

Meanwhile, somewhere in the highway.
Rosita "My feet kill me!"
Jenny "You're not the only one."
Eugene "Where are we?"
Judith "Well, we are officially on the highway."
Jenny "Yes we know that. But where are we going?"
Judith "We are looking for the kingdom."
Gabriel "Why couldn't anyone give us a map or something?"
Daryl "We'll find it yet."
Carol "Yeah, sure."
Daryl "Hey, I'm good to track down!"
Maggie "So you are. But can you guide us to the kingdom?"
Daryl didn't answer anything.
Maggie "I thought so."
Jesus "It must be here somewhere."
That's when Eugene and Glenn noticed the sign.
Glenn "Friends, we can be on the right direction."
Daryl "What?"
Eugene "There's a sign there."
Judith "Let's go see what it says."
They walked to the sign where they read "Welcome to the Kingdom" and the sign also showed an arrow pointing south.
Daryl "We're going south."
Rosita "What are we doing in the south?"
Daryl "That arrow points to the south, so I assume the Kingdom is there somewhere."
Jesus "So we go south, huh?"
Jenny "We're going south, stupid."
Jesus "Hello, I am your brother. Do not call me stupid."
Jenny "Well, sometimes you're stupid."
Judith "Let's go to the south."
Then they started walking towards the south.
Rosita "The Kingdom is best to be here! Because my feet will kill me soon!"
Glenn "Don't complain all the time."
Rosita "I'm not complaining, I just said."
Then they came to the gate.
Daryl "This is a kingdom?"
Jenny "Probably it is."
Eugene "Should we knock?"
Judith "No, let's just go inside."
Judith went to the gate and she tried to open it, but the gate was locked.
Judith "It's locked."
Jenny "No shit."
Daryl started shouting.
Daryl "Hey, is there anyone?!?!"
Then Jerry and Daisy heard Daryl's voice.
Jerry "Did you hear that?"
Daisy "Yep."
Jerry "It came from outside the gate."
Daisy "Let's go see."
Jerry and Daisy walked to the gate.
Daryl "Open this damn gate already!"
Then Daisy and Jerry climbed the guard on the plateau and saw the survivors.
Eugene "Hey, there's someone there!"
Daryl looked up at the plateau and he noticed Jerry and Daisy.
Daryl "Could you open this damn gate?"
Jerry "Who are you?"
Daryl "We are Survivors!"
Daisy "Who is your leader?"
Judith "I am!"
Daisy looked at Judith.
Daisy "Don't you be a lyoung leader?"
Judith "Shut up and get us inside!"
Jerry "Are you bad or good people?"
Jenny "Is this someone's hell interview?"
Jerry "Answer my question!"
Jenny "We're hell good people!"
Jerry looked at Daisy. And Daisy just shrugged his shoulders.
Jerry "We'll let you in! Wait a minute!"
Then Jerry and Daisy landed down the plain.
Daisy "I don't know if this is a good idea."
Jerry "Let them come inside and see what they do for us."
Daisy "Ezikiel doesn't like this."
Jerry "We can't leave them dead, either."
Then Jerry opened the gate and the survivors went to the other side of the gate and Jerry closed the gate.
Jerry "Hey."
Judith "Hey."
Then Neil noticed what was happening at the gate.
Neil "What the hell?"
Siddiq "What Now?"
Neil "Who the hell are they?"
Then Siddiq also noticed the survivors.
Siddiq "Maybe it's another community."
Then Ezikiel came out of the building and had Shiva involved.
Nadine "Your Majesty. Something is going on at the gate."
Ezikiel "I'm going there."
Then everyone looked at Ezikiel and Shiva walking towards the gate.
Eugene "Is that a tiger?"
Jerry "Yeah it is. His name is Shiva. And he is Ezikiel's pet."
Judith "Who the hell is Ezikiel?"
Ezikiel "I am Ezikiel, young lady."
Judith said nothing.
Ezikiel "Welcome to the Kingdom!"
Carol "Thank you."
Ezikiel "Who are you?"
Judith "We Are Survivors."
Ezikiel "And who is your leader, a young lady?"
Judith "It's me."
Ezikiel "You?"
Judith "Yep."
Ezikiel "What's Your Name?"
Judith "It's Judith. Judith Grimes."
Ezikiel "Nice to meet you Judith. Where's your father? I'd like to talk to him."
Judith "My father is dead. His name was Rick and he was first our leader and after he died I became the next leader."
Ezikiel "I'm sorry your father's death. He would be certainly proud of you right now."
Judith "Yeah he would be."
Ezikiel "Did you kill the Whisperers?"
Daryl "Yes and we killed them."
Jerry "Did you kill the whisperers? How?"
Daryl "Well we got help from two other communities."
Ezikiel "What were their names?"
Daryl "Barbarians and Outsiders."
Ezikiel "I know them. They are good people."
Jenny "Can we stay here?"
Ezikiel "Yes. Go to rest and tomorrow I'll ask someone to show you places."
Carol "Thank you very much."
Then Ezikiel looked at Nabila.
Ezikiel "Nabila, show them where they can sleep!"
Nabila "Yes, your majesty."
Then Nabila walked to Judith.
Nabila "Hey, I'm Nabila and I'll show you your place to stay."
Judith "Thank you."
Then Nabila led them to the house.
Nabila "Here's your house and here's the key."
Nabila handed the key to Judith.
Judith "Thank you."
Nabila "I'll send Daisy and Destiny in the morning to bring you new clothes."
Judith "Okay."
Then Nabila left and Judith opened the house door and they all went inside and Judith locked the door.
Eugene "This is a big house!"
Maggie "Yep."
Jenny "Hey, here's showers!"
Jesus "I need a shower."
Then they all took turns in the shower.
Carol "I'll go to bed. Good night."
Judith "Good Night, Carol."
Carol and others went to bed. Except Judith and Daryl.
Judith "I miss my father."
Daryl "I too miss Rick. He was like my brother to me."
Judith "Yeah, he told me about it."
Daryl "Try to sleep."
Judith "Yeah."
Then Judith went to sleep on the couch.
Judith "Daryl, you promise me something."
Daryl "What do I have to promise you?"
Judith "Be kind and never leave me."
Daryl didn't say anything.
Judith "Do you promise me?"
Daryl "Yeah, I promise."
Judith "Good Night, Dad."
Daryl said nothing, he just turned his head away because he didn't want Judith to see his tears.
Daryl "Rick, I wish you were still here. We would have needed you."
Then Daryl nodded and he went to the kitchen and buried her head and started crying. And he didn't notice that Carol had come to the kitchen.
Carol "Daryl, are you okay? Why are you crying?"
Then Daryl raised his head and looked at Carol.
Daryl "Sorry."
Carol "Why do you apologize? It's normal to cry."
Daryl didn't say anything.
Carol "Sometimes crying is not a sign of weakness but of strength."
Daryl "Yeah, yeah."
Carol sat in front of Daryl.
Daryl "I thought you were sleeping."
Carol "I was. Then I couldn't sleep."
Daryl "Why?"
Carol "Because I think Sophia."
Daryl "Hey, Barbarians care for her and Sophia is a strong young woman."
Carol "I know, I know. But she's still my little girl."
Daryl "I think Merle and Rick. I could have saved Rick."
Carol "You couldn't have done it."

to be continued...



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