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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 10

Destiny "What is your plan?"
Ezekiel "I ask Dary to come with me to the forest and then I will kill her."
Destiny "What the hell? You said we didn't kill anyone other than enemies and walkers."
Ezekiel "Well, technically, Daryl is my enemy."
Destiny "Because he and Carol are together, huh?"
Ezekiel "Right. Carol will be mine."
Destiny "Sometimes you are creepy."
Ezekiel "I know."
Destiny "And I don't like your plan."
Ezekiel "You don't need to."
Destiny "If others heard your plan, they would surely turn against you."
Ezekiel "They can not, because I'm the king here."
Destiny "You're not a damn king. You're just an ordinary person like the rest of us"
Ezekiel "Don't underestimate me."
Destiny "Just the same. And good luck to your plan."
Then Destiny walked away.
Ezekiel "Time to talk to Daryl."
Then Ezekiel went to walk towards Daryl and Carol.
Judith "What does Ezekiel do?"
Rick "He's going to talk to Daryl."
Judith "Why?"
Rick "I don't know."
Then Ezekiel had arrived at Daryl and Carol.
Ezekiel "Do I disturb you?"
Carol "No, you don't bother."
Daryl "What's the matter?"
Ezekiel "You have to come with me to the woods, Daryl."
Daryl "Why should I hell?"
Ezekiel "I want to show you something."
Daryl looked at Carol.
Carol "Go. I'm going to spend time with Rick and others."
Daryl "Okay. See you later."
Carol "Yeah."
Then Carol walked away.
Daryl "Well, are we going?"
Ezekiel "Yeah, yeah, of course."
Then they went to the forest to walk.
Rick "Carol, where did Ezekiel and Daryl go?"
Carol "Ezekiel took Daryl into the woods."
Amanda "Why?"
Carol "He wanted to show Daryl something. Did you tell me who you were?"
Amanda "I'm not sure."
Carol "I'm not, either."
Amanda "Well, I'll say it again. I am Amanda, Rick's sister."
Carol "Now I remember."
Meanwhile in the woods.
Daryl "What the hell did you want to show me?"
Ezekiel "You and Carol are together, right?"
Daryl "You could say so."
Ezekiel "Is Carol nice?"
Daryl "Yeah, she's really nice. Why are you asking?"
Ezekiel "Well, I don't think you are."
Daryl "What the hell did that mean?"
Ezekiel "I think you just want broke the heart of Carol."
Daryl "You don't know shit!"
Ezekiel "I'm just trying to protect Carol."
Daryl "You haven't done shit. You don't even know him like me."
Ezekiel "I think you're using Carol."
Daryl "It's crap talk!"
Ezekiel: "I am saved him many times."
Daryl "Do not talk shit! You have not done shit for him! I am! I am fucking saved him many times! And i have even risked my damn life for her!"
Ezekiel said nothing. Then Daryl realized what Ezekiel was trying to do.
Daryl "Now I realize. You'll take me here because you want to fucking kill me, don't you?"
Ezekiel "Are you crazy? Why should I kill you?"
Daryl "Isn't that obvious?"
Ezekiel didn't say anything.
Daryl "I know you were planning to kill me."
Ezekiel "I don't know what you're talking about."
Daryl "I'm not fucking stupid."
Ezekiel still didn't say anything.
Daryl "You're a bad liar."
Ezekiel "I wasn't going to kill you."
Daryl "So sure."
Ezekiel "I brought you here because ....."
Daryl "Why?"
Ezekiel "....... All right, I admit. I was planning to kill you."
Daryl "Why Hell?"
Ezekiel "Because I want Carol to myself."
Daryl "Well, it won't happen."
Ezekiel "Well, it's gonna be true."
Daryl "If you'd like to kill me, you should have a better plan."
Ezekiel didn't say anything.
Daryl "Let's go back."
Ezekiel "Yeah. But you don't tell others what happened, don't you?"
Daryl "Maybe not."
Ezekiel "I don't want everyone to turn against me."
Daryl "Well, they probably do it sooner or later."
They began to walk back to the Kingdom, but Ezekiel didn't know that Destiny had told everyone about the Ezekiel plan.
Jerry "Ezekiel was planning to do what?"
Destiny "He was planning to kill Daryl."
Henry "Why?"
Destiny "Because he's jealous when Daryl and Carol are together."
Zara "I knew I couldn't trust him."
Rosita "Where is Ezekiel now?"
Destiny "He took Daryl into the woods."
Jesus "Why the hell?"
Destiny "Well, he's going to kill Daryl there."
Eugene "We have to go to save Daryl."
Rick "Daryl knows how to save himself. He has always done so."
Maggie "What if Ezekiel has killed him already?"
Rick "Daryl is not stupid."
Then Dianne saw Ezekiel and Daryl walk back to the Kingdom.
Dianne "They came back."
Glenn "Is Daryl alive?"
Dianne "Yeah, he's pretty alive."
Rick "I said that Daryl can save himself and he's not stupid."
Then Carol was angry at Ezekiel.
Eugene "Ezekiel can be in trouble now."
Rick "Yeah."
Carol looked at Ezekiel.
Carol "What the hell did you think you would do?"
Ezekiel, "I'm sorry. I just ..."
Carol "I don't want to hear your shit explanations!"
Ezekiel "Listen, I do not know why I was planning to kill Dary."
Destiny just shook his head.
Carol "Destiny told everything to everyone!"
Ezekiel "Destiny wouldn't do it."
Jerry "Well, apparently she did."
Ezekiel looked at Destiny.
Destiny "I was forced to do it."
Ezekiel "I said to you that you should not tell anyone my plan!"
Destiny "I am honest! And I'm talking about the way things are!"
So Carol suddenly hit Ezekiel on the cheek.
Carol "You're a fucker! We trusted you!"
Everyone stared at them.
Valery "Well, at least someone hit Ezekiel."
Carol "You're no longer a leader here!"
Ezekiel "Who is then?"
Carol "Rick."
Ezekiel "Rick can't take my place!"
Rick "I can and I'll do it."
Ezekiel "But ...."
Then Ezekiel looked at his people.
Dianne "We are no longer on your side."
Ezekiel "You have risen up against me, right?"
Neil "Yes."

to be continued......



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