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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 11

Ezekiel "Hey, you can't do this to me! I built this place!"
Destiny "You should have thought about it before you tried to kill Daryl!"
Ezekiel "Listen, I made a mistake and I regret it, but It does not mean it that I would not be a good leader."
Nalani "We trusted you, but now we can no longer trust you."
Ezekiel looked at Jerry.
Jerry "What?"
Ezekiel "You trust me yet, right?"
Jerry "I can't trust you. I'd rather trust Rick."
Ezekiel "You don't know Rick."
Jerry "Yeah, but still I could trust him more than you."
Meanwhile, Amanda had gone inside the house and no one had noticed it.
Amanda "I need to get somehow connected to the Rebels community."
Amanda went to explore the rooms.
Amanda "Maybe here's some radio station or something."
So Amanda arrived at the room door that led to Eugene's room.
Amanda "Let's see what's in the room."
Amanda opened the door of the room and she peeked inside and she noticed the radio station.
Amanda "Jackpot."
Then Amanda went inside the room.
Amanda "Let's see if it works."
Amanda sat in front of the radio station.
Amanda "I try what happens."
Amanda began to twist the radio station's buttons.
Amanda "Don't bother. Why doesn't this work?"
Then Eugene stepped into the room.
Eugene "Sorry, but you are in my room."
Amanda turned around and saw Eugene.
Amanda "I'm sorry."
Eugene "Are you lost or something?"
Amanda "It may be very likely."
Eugene "By the way, my name is Eugene. What about you?"
Amanda "I'm Amanda Grimes."
Eugene "Grimes? Are you a Rick relative or something?"
Amanda "I'm his sister."
Eugene "Nice."
Amanda "How does this work?"
Eugene "What works?"
Amanda "Well, this radio station."
Eugene "Where do you need it?"
Amanda "I should get in touch with the Rebels community."
Eugene "What community is it?"
Amanda "It is a community in which I am a member."
Eugene "Is it good or bad?"
Amanda "Something in between, I think so."
Eugene "You have to ask Rick for permission for it."
Amanda "Why Should I?"
Eugene "Well, he should get to know this. Or really we should all know."
Amanda "Yeah, I'm not going to ask for permission from him and you don't need to know anything about them."
Eugene "Why not?"
Amanda "Because I have a duty of silence not to tell anything."
Eugene "Who said that?"
Amanda "Rebels Community Leader."
Eugene "What would happen if you told us?"
Amanda "She would literally kill me."
Eugene said nothing.
Amanda "So tell me now how the hell this radio station works or i ....."
Eugene "Or what? You kill me, huh?"
Amanda "I could."
Eugene "Yeah, it won't happen."
Amanda "If you do not tell, then I will kill you and I'm not kidding."
Eugene said nothing. Then Amanda got up.
Amanda "Tell me!"
Eugene "I'm not afraid of you."
Amanda "You Should."
Eugene "Why?"
Amanda "You do not know what things I have done."
Eugene still said nothing.
Amanda "I can be your friend or your worst enemy. You decide."
Eugene "Well, I decide not to tell you how the radio station works."
Amanda "You play with your life, Eugene."
Eugene "You don't kill me."
Amanda "Maybe I won't kill you, but I hurt you very badly if you don't tell me how the radio station works!"
Eugene "Try me."
Amanda "I don't need to."
Eugene "Why not?"
Amanda "I see you are weak."
Eugene "That's not true. I'm not weak."
Amanda "You are."
Eugene "I'm not. You are."
Amanda, "I am far from weak."
Then Amanda took a glass bottle out of the table. At this point, Eugene began to shake.
Eugene "Put that glass bottle back on the table."
Amanda "You shake. Are you afraid?"
Eugene "No, no, I ..."
Amanda "Hell, you really fear me."
Eugene "I'm not afraid."
Amanda "Don't lie to me."
Then Amanda went closer to Eugene.
Eugene "No, don't come near me!"
Amanda "You're scared, right?"
Eugene "Maybe a little."
Then Amanda hit Eugene with a bottle and Eugene lost her consciousness and dropped to the floor.
Amanda "He was stupid."
Then Amanda went back to sit in front of the radio station.
Amanda "Work now."
Then Amanda heard a voice from the radio station.
Woman "Hello?"
Amanda "Hey."
Woman "Amanda?"
Amanda "Yeah?"
Woman "Where are you?"
Amanda "In the Kingdom."
Woman "We're coming there."
Amanda "I'm waiting for you."
Woman "Take care that nobody knows about this."
Amanda "You can trust me."
Woman "See you there."
Amanda "Yeah."
Then Amanda stopped the call.
Amanda "It worked."
Then Amanda turned to look at Eugene, who still lay on the floor unconscious.
Amanda "I said to you that you should have tell me, so this wouldn't have happened."
Then Amanda left the room and left Eugene lying on the floor.

to be continued...



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