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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 12

Meanwhile, in the community called Rebels.

Emma "Does anyone know where Amanda is?" Harper "She should be here."
Emma "Well, I haven't seen her for a couple of days."
Aria "Maybe she's lost or something."
Penelope "Hardly."
Stella "Maybe someone else has captured her?"
Hazel "Well, I haven't seen anyone else in this area."
Bailey "You may not be in this area, but there may be another community somewhere."
Arya "Maybe."
Legacy "Cora is coming here."
Cora, Rebels Community leader walked toward them.
Cora "I know where Amanda is."
Emma "Really?"
Cora "Yes, I talked to him."
Aria "Well, where is she?"
Cora "She is in the Kingdom."
Stella "What the hell is the kingdom?"
Cora "It's another community."
Hazel "There's another community over there somewhere?"
Cora "Yes and we go there."
Bailey "What are we doing there?"
Cora "We're going to see what kind of place it is and maybe they'll take us there."
Arya "Are they good people?"
Cora "Well, at least Amanda was alive, so I think they are."
Penelope "When do we leave?"
Cora "Now. Go pack your goods and take your weapon."
Harper "Where do we need weapons if they are good people?"
Legacy "Well, in case they're not good people."
Hazel "Yeah, maybe they're not good people."
Cora "Go now to pack!"
Aria "Okay, okay."
Everyone went to pack their goods and take their weapons.
Cora "Are you ready to go?"
Harper "Probably."
Then they went for a walk to the Kingdom.
Bailey "What if they kill us when we get there?"
Cora "They don't kill us. They didn't kill Amanda, yet."
Meanwhile, in the Kingdom.
Rosita "I'll go see what Eugene does."
Carol "That's a good idea."
Then Rosita went to the house and on the way she crashed into Amanda.
Rosita "Hey, Amanda."
Amanda "Hey, Rosita."
Then Rosita found out that Amanda had a wound on her palm.
Rosita "What has happened to your palm?"
Amanda "What?"
Rosita "There's a wound."
Amanda hadn't noticed the wound on her palm, so she looked at it.
Amanda "I don't know where this came from."
Rosita "Go to Siddiq."
Amanda "Who is Siddiq?"
Rosita "He's a doctor here. He can look at that wound."
Amanda "Okay, thank you. I'm going."
Then Amanda went to find Siddiq.
Rosita "That was weird."
Then Rosita went inside the house.
Rosita "Eugene!"
No reply.
Rosita "Eugene, are you here?"
Still no answer. Rosita "Don't bother, Eugene! I know you're here."
Meanwhile, Amanda had found a hospital building.
Amanda "Probably, Siddiq is here."
Amanda opened the door and she went inside.
Amanda "Hey?"
No reply. So Amanda walked forward.
Amanda "Anyone here?"
Then Siddiq replied.
Siddiq "Yeah, I'm here!"
Amanda walked toward the room where the sound came.
Amanda "Maybe he's here."
Amanda knocked at the door.
Siddiq "It's open. Come in."
Amanda opened the door of the room and she stepped inside the room.
Amanda "I'm looking for a man named Siddiq. Have you seen him?"
Siddiq "You're talking to her right now."
Amanda "You are Siddiq?"
Siddiq "Yes and who are you?"
Amanda "I'm Amanda Grimes. Just call me Amanda."
Siddiq "You are Rick's wife or something?"
Amanda "I'm not a wife, but I'm his sister."
Siddiq "Nice to meet you. Sit down."
Amanda sat down.
Siddiq "What brought you here?"
Amanda "Rosita noticed that I had a wound on the palm and she said I should come here."
Siddiq "Okay. Show your palm."
Amanda opened the palm and Siddiq looked at it.
Siddiq "What happened?"
Amanda I'm not sure. "
Siddiq "It seems that you have broken the glass."
Then Amanda realized how the wound had come.
Amanda "Oh Shit."
Siddiq "What?"
Amanda "Nothing."
Siddiq "Tell me how this has come."
Amanda "As I said I don't remember."
Siddiq "You can't be quite honest now, right?"
Amanda "Maybe I'm not."
Since then, Rosita was walking towards the Eugene room and she noticed that the door was open.
Rosita "Maybe he's over there."
Rosita arrived at the room.
Rosita "Eugene?"
No reply.
Rosita "Well, I'm going inside."
Rosita stepped inside and she noticed that Eugene was lying unconscious on the floor and next to him was a broken glass bottle in her blood.
Rosita "Oh my God!"
Then Gabriel ran toward Eugene's room.
Gabriel "What has happened? I heard your cry, Rosita."
Then Gabriel also noticed Eugene.
Gabriel "Oh God, what has happened?"
Rosita "I don't know, I just came here and found her in this condition."
Gabriel "This was a deliberate act."
Rosita "Yep. But who did this?"
Gabriel "We have to find out."
Then Eugene opened his eyes.
Eugene "Where am I?"
Rosita "You are in your room."
Eugene "Why am I lying on the floor?"
Gabriel "Someone knocked you out."
Eugene "You joking, right?"
Rosita "No, it's true."
Eugene tried to get up.
Rosita "Carefully, let me help you."
Rosita and Gabriel helped Eugene up.
Eugene "Damn, my head."
Rosita "Someone hit you very well."
Eugene "Yeah."
Gabriel "Do you remember anything before you were knocked out?"
Eugene "I'm not sure."
Then Eugene noticed a broken glass bottle on the floor.
Eugene "That someone hit me with that glass bottle, right?"
Rosita "Probably."
Then Eugene remembered what had happened.
Eugene "Now I remember."
Gabriel "Remember what?"
Eugene "Amanda was here when I came here. And she's trying to get me to tell her how the radio station works."
Rosita "Why?"
Eugene "She would have wanted to contact the community called Rebels."
Gabriel "And you refused to tell him, right?"
Eugene "Yes."
Rosita "Amanda has hit you unconscious, huh?"
Eugene "I think so."
Gabriel "It may be possible, she was the last person here."
In the meantime, on the other hand.
Siddiq "Are you going to tell me?"
Amanda "I don't know where this wound came, damn."
Siddiq "I know."
Amanda "Well, say."
Siddiq "You've hit someone unconscious with a glass bottle, right?"
Amanda said nothing.

to be continued......



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