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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 13

Amanda "I haven't beaten anyone with a fucking glass bottle."
Siddiq "You're lying, right?"
Amanda "No, I'm not lying."
Siddiq "Who Was It?"
Amanda "What the hell? Who was what?"
Siddiq "Who was it you hit?"
Amanda "I haven't hit anyone!"
Siddiq "You are, but you don't want to tell it."
Amanda was quiet.
Siddiq "Do you know what they say?"
Amanda "Well, what?"
Siddiq "Sometimes words don't say anything, and sometimes silence tells everything."
Amanda still said nothing.
Siddiq "Well, the truth comes out anyway in one way or another."
In the meantime, on the other hand.
Eugene "Where is Amanda even?"
Rosita "She went to Siddiq."
Gabriel "Why?"
Rosita "I told her to go to show her palm because it had a wound."
Gabriel "Well, we go there."
Then they went to look for Amanda, on their journey they ran into Rick.
Rick "Where are you going?"
Rosita "We're going to talk to Amanda."
Rick "What has she done?"
Eugene "She hit me unconscious."
Rick "Amanda did what?"
Rosita "She knocked Eugene unconscious and used a glass bottle."
Rick "Amanda would never do that."
Rosita "Well, apparently she did."
Rick "Did she have any reason for that?"
Eugene "Well, I refused to tell him how the radio station works."
Rick "Where did she want to use it?"
Eugene "She said he would contact the community called Rebels."
Rick "What? I thought she wasn't a member of any community."
Rosita "You didn't know it?"
Rick "No, I didn't know."
In the meantime, elsewhere.
Siddiq "Listen, tell me what you've done."
Amanda "I've never done anything!"
Siddiq "Well, someone else will find out if it's not me."
Amanda "I haven't done anything, believe it already."
Rosita "We're going now."
Rick "I'll come too."
Gabriel "Better that you don't come."
Rick "What do you mean?"
Eugene "You are his brother and she wouldn't really tell you anything."
Rick "Well, that was true."
Rosita "We'll tell you what Amanda told us."
Rick "Okay."
Then Rosita, Gabriel and Eugene continued their journey.
Rick "I wouldn't have thought Amanda would do that."
Judith "Amanda has done what?"
Rick "Nothing."
In the meantime, on the other hand.
Siddiq "I'm sure someone has already got to know what you have done."
Amanda "Nobody ever ...."
That's when Rosita, Eugene and Gabriel came inside the room.
Rosita "Start explaining why in hell you hit Eugene!"
Amanda turned around and saw Rosita who was angry.
Amanda "It wasn't me!"
Rosita "Don't explain shit! We know it was you!"
Amanda "I don't know what you're talking about!"
Eugene "You made me unconscious because I refused to tell you how the radio station works!"
Amanda "I would never do that!"
Gabriel "You lie!"
Amanda "Why would I even use a radio station?"
Eugene "Because you wanted to contact the Rebels community."
Amanda "I have no clue about anything and I don't even know the whole community."
Rosita "We can do this in an easy way or in a difficult way, you decide."
That's when they heard the gun shot from the gate.
Siddiq "What the hell?"
Amanda "They're here."
Siddiq "Who's here?"
Amanda "Rebels."
Rick ran into the building.
Rick "Amanda, what the fuck have you done?"
Amanda "They don't kill you, that was a warning shot."
Rick "What?"
Amanda "If they wanted to kill you, they would shoot many shots, but they only shot one."
Rick "You come to the gate with us."
Meanwhile, at the gate.
Cora "Hey, I'm Cora, and these are my people."
Daryl "We don't care who the hell you are!"
Cora "We are Rebels."
Ozzy "What the hell? I thought we were killing you."
Daryl looked at Ozzy.
Daryl "You know them?"
Ozzy "Yeah, unfortunately."
Emma "And we are worse than whisperers."
Cora "Speaking of whisperers. Where are they?"
Carol "They're dead."
Aria "What do you mean?"
Ezekiel "She means they have killed them."
Bailey "No one can kill the whisperers."
Jenny "Well, we killed them."
That's when Siddiq, Amanda, Rick, Rosita, Eugene and Gabriel came to the gate.
Cora "Amanda, good to see you are still alive."
Amanda said nothing.
Cora, "I am your leader, so say something."
Amanda "Fuck you."
Cora "That was rude."
Maggie "You know them?"
Amanda "Yeah, they're my community."
Glenn "But you said you're not a member of any community."
Amanda "Yeah, because I forgot."
Ocean "Or maybe you didn't want to tell."
Penelope "Let us inside."
Ezekiel "Never."
Cora "Are you a leader here?"
Ezekiel "Yeah, I'm."
Destiny "No, he's not. Rick is."
Cora looked at Rick.
Cora "Are You Rick?"
Rick "Yes."
Cora "And you're a leader, huh?"
Rick "You could say so."

to be continued....



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