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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 14

Cora "Let us in. No evil will happen."
Rick "I refuse."
Amanda "Rick, do as she says or ..."
Rosita "Or what?"
Cora "Or I tell Bailey to kill one of you."
Rosita looked at Amanda.
Rosita "Was she serious?"
Amanda "Yeah, unfortunately."
Everyone turned to look at Rick.
Carol "Rick you decide."
Rick looked at Cora.
Cora "Well, what's your choice?"
Rick "I refuse to let you here."
Eugene "Are you crazy? Now one of us dies."
Cora looked at Bailey.
Cora "Kill whoever you want."
Bailey "Okay, boss."
Bailey walked toward the gate. Just then, Daryl raised the crossbow.
Aria "Hey, that dude has a crossbow up!"
Cora "Rick, tell him to put it down now or else many will die and I'm sure that you do not want it."
Rick looked at Daryl and Daryl shook his head.
Rick "Daryl, put it down."
Daryl "Don't let anyone die!"
Rick "Because of you, many of us will otherwise die!"
Carol "Listen to Rick, Daryl. You don't want many to die, don't you?"
Daryl didn't say anything, he just put the crossbow down reluctantly.
Bailey "Who would I kill?"
Bailey stared at Nabila and Nalani.
Ezekiel "Don't even think of killing one of them."
Bailey "I don't care who I kill!"
Then Bailey looked at Nalani.
Nalani "You don't kill Nabila! And you don't kill me either!"
Bailey "Oh, sweetheart, girl, sweetheart, girl, sweetheart, you don't decide who i kill."
Then Bailey approached Nabila.
Jerry "You don't touch him!"
Bailey "Shut up!"
Bailey was just stabbing Nabila, but Nalani pushed Nabila away and the knife hit him and she fell into the ground.
Nabil "Siddiq!"
Siddiq ran to Nalani.
Siddiq "Do you hear me?"
Nalani "Is ..... Is ... Nabila okay?"
Siddiq "Yeah, she's."
Nalani "Good."
Siddiq "Hey, don't give up!"
Nalani "I die, right?"
Siddiq "You're not going to die."
Nalani "I know that I ...."
Then Nalani went to lifeless.
Siddiq "No, no, no. I won't let you die now!"
Siddiq started the recovery.
Siddiq "Wake Up Now!"
Nabila pressed his head against Jerry's chest.
Siddiq "You won't die now! Do you hear me? I won't let it happen!"
Nothing happened.
Siddiq "You must not die now!"
Siddiq continued to revive, but nothing still happened.
Siddiq "We Need You!"
Cora "She's dead."
Siddiq looked at Cora on the other side of the gate.
Siddiq "You are a monster!"
Cora "She deserved it."
Siddiq got up.
Siddiq "You'll still regret this!"
Rick "Siddiq, stop. I'll take care of this."
Rick walked towards Cora.
Rick "I'll kill you. I'm not killing you today, not tomorrow, but I'm going to kill you."
Cora "I'm waiting for that day."
Rick "Go!"
Cora "Before we go, I want Amanda back."
Rick "Why?"
Cora "She is one of us."
Rick "It won't happen."
Cora "Do you want someone else to die yet, huh?"
Rick "No, I don't."
Cora "Well, give Amanda back to us so no one else will die."
Rick looked at Amanda.
Amanda "Do it."
Rick "Fine then."
Rick looked at Dianne.
Rick "Open the gate, I'll just take Amanda to her."
Dianne nodded. And she opened the gate and Rick walked towards Cora and had Amanda involved.
Cora "Welcome back, Amanda. We had missed you."
Amanda said nothing.
Rick "Take her and get out of here! And if you come back, you can be sure you will die!"
Cora "I'm looking forward to it."
Then Cora took Amanda and they walked away.
Daryl "Are you crazy?"
Rick "That was the only solution, otherwise someone else would have died."
Meanwhile in the woods.
Cora "Why did you leave and didn't say anything?"
Amanda "I don't know."
Cora "Next time you tell me."
Amanda "Yeah, yeah."

to be continued....



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