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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 15

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom.
Nabila "Why did Nalani do it?"
Jerry "She saved your life."
Nabila "She wouldn't have needed."
Ezekiel "Be glad you are still alive."
Nabila "But Nalani is not."
Ezekiel "Nalani made a risk and she knew he would die."
Nabila "But why did she save my life?"
Ezekiel "Because you were his friend."
Meanwhile in the woods.
Amanda "What the hell did you think?"
Cora "What?"
Amanda "You wouldn't have had to kill that girl!"
Cora "I didn't kill her. Bailey killed. And that girl would be alive if she hadn't pushed that other girl out of the way."
Amanda "Well, you wouldn't have had to try to kill him either. Why did you do that?"
Cora "Because Rick refused to let us go to the Kingdom."
Amanda "He had a reason!"
Cora "Be glad I didn't kill Rick."
Amanda "What the hell?"
Cora "First I thought I'd kill your brother, but then when he said he was a leader, I couldn't kill him."
Amanda "So you planned to kill my brothers first?"
Cora "Yeah, so I thought."
Amanda "You are a fucker!"
Cora "Well, now they know what will happen to them next time."
Then Amanda got angry.
Amanda "You have no right to kill anyone!"
Cora "I have."
Amanda went to Cora.
Emma "Should we go between?"
Stella "No."
Hazel "Let's see what happens."
Cora looked at Amanda.
Cora "Well, what are you doing for me?"
Amanda "I will hit you."
Cora "You don't do it."
Amanda "Say one reason why I wouldn't do it."
Cora "Because I'm your leader."
Amanda "I don't care about shit!"
Then Amanda hit Cora.
Bailey "Amanda just hit our leader?"
Hazel "Yeah, it looks like it."
Arya "Well, now Amanda is in trouble."
Cora did nothing, she just looked at Amanda.
Amanda "Why don't you do anything?"
Cora "Why should I?"
Amanda "I just hit you."
Cora "I know."
Amanda "Why don't you kill me?"
Cora "I don't kill my own."
Amanda looked at Cora.
Cora "Go away."
Amanda "What?"
Cora "Go back to the kingdom!"
Amanda "Why Hell Should I?"
Cora "You're no longer one of us!"
Amanda said nothing.
Cora "Go before I change my mind and kill you!"
Amanda "Okay, I'm leaving. But you will regret this."
Cora "It's seen."
Then Amanda walked away.
Stella "Why did you let her go?"
Cora "Because she will suffer yet."
Legacy "What do you mean?"
Cora "The next time we go back to the kingdom, we will kill more than one."
Meanwhile, a funeral was prepared in the Kingdom.
Ezekiel "I would never have believed that this day will come."
Ocean "Huh?"
Ezekiel "That I have to bury one of us."
Ocean "Nalani was a nice girl, though a little selfish."
Ezekiel "I know."
Gabriel walked toward Ezekiel.
Gabriel "Everything is ready."
Ezekiel "Thank you, Gabriel."
Then they went to the church where others were already.
Maggie "They're coming."
Everyone stood up when Ezekiel, Ocean and Gabriel walked inside the church.
Gabriel "Sit."
Everyone was sitting back and Ezekiel sat down in front of the altar and Ocen sat down next to Ozzy.
Gabriel "We gathered here because one of us got wings on his back and that one was Nalani."
Daryl looked at Carol.
Carol "Why are you looking at me?"
Daryl "Do we have to be here? I have more to do than sit in a hell of a church."
Jenny "You're not the only one."
Jesus "Be quiet."
Gabriel looked at them.
Gabriel "Is everything okay?"
Jenny "Yeah, yeah."
Gabriel "Okay."
And then he continued his preaching.
Gabriel "Nalani was still young and shouldn't have died yet, but sometimes God takes ...."
Daryl got up.
Carol "Daryl, what are you doing?"
Daryl "I'm leaving."
Carol "Why?"
Daryl "I'm not going to listen to that shit."
Then Daryl went to walk outside.
Rick "Gabriel, continue."
Gabriel continued.
Gabriel "Sometimes God takes and gives. In this case God took."
Carol looked at Rick.
Carol "I'm going to see where Daryl went."
Rick "Okay."
Then Carol got up and she went to find Daryl.
Maggie "Why did Daryl leave?"
Glenn "Maybe he doesn't like to be in church."
Meanwhile, Carol had found Daryl.
Carol "There you are."
Daryl looked up.
Daryl "Rick sent you, huh?"
Carol "No, he didn't send."
Daryl "Okay."
Carol sat down next to Daryl.
Daryl "I hate churches."
Carol "Why?"
Daryl "Because God didn't bring Merle back."
Carol didn't say anything.

to be continued.....



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