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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 16

Daryl "And you don't say anything."
Carol "I don't know what to say."
Daryl "Yeah, then."
Carol "We'll never find words if someone dies."
Daryl "Yeah, that's true, I guess."
Then Daryl noticed Amanda on the other side of the gate.
Daryl "What the hell is she doing here?"
Carol "Who?"
Daryl "Amanda."
Carol "What are you talking about?"
Daryl "See that."
Carol looked to the other side of the gate and she also saw Amanda.
Carol "Maybe she has a good explanation for why she came back."
Daryl "Better if she had."
Carol "Let's ask him."
Then they walked to the gate.
Amanda "Hey, again."
Daryl "What the hell are you doing here?"
Amanda "Cora expelled me."
Daryl "As we would believe shit."
Amanda "It's true."
Daryl "We don't want killers here."
Amanda "It wasn't me who killed Nalani!"
Daryl "But you were one of them!"
Amanda "It doesn't mean I'm a killer of hell!"
Daryl "Go to hell!"
Amanda "I'm not going anywhere, with before I talked to Rick!"
Carol "Rick is in the Church right now."
Amanda "Well, get her here!"
Carol "We can't."
Amanda "Why not?"
Carol "Now it's Nalani's funeral."
Amanda "I'm sorry. And I'm sorry when it happened."
Daryl "As if you were hell."
Amanda "Listen, I didn't know they'd kill someone!"
Daryl "That's shit."
Amanda "It's not."
Just then the Ocean came to the gate.
Ocean "What the hell is she doing here?"
Daryl "Amanda wants back here."
Ocean "What the hell? His community just killed one of us!"
Amanda "I didn't know it would happen!"
Ocean "Don't talk shit!"
Amanda "I'm serious!"
Ocean "Do you know what?"
Amanda "What?"
Ocean "All this was your fault! Nalani would still be alive if you didn't hell calling them here!"
Amanda said nothing.
Ocean "Go or we'll kill you!"
Amanda "I can't go back! If I go, Cora will kill me!"
Ocean "It's not our fuckin 'problem!"
Carol "What did you do?"
Amanda "I hit Cora, and she got mad, and then she expelled me and if I go back I will be dead!"
Ocean "Still that's not our problem!"
Amanda "Get me back there."
Daryl "Not going to happen."
Amanda "I want to talk to Rick!"
Ocean "Why?"
Amanda "He understands me!"
Daryl looked at Carol.
Carol "All right, I'll get Rick here."
Ocean "We'll be waiting here."
Carol "Okay."
Then Carol went to pick Rick.
Amanda "I'm sorry."
Daryl "That's not enough."
Meanwhile, in church. Carol walked towards Rick, who sat in the front row.
Carol whispered "Rick?"
Rick whispered back at "What now?"
Carol "Amanda came back."
Rick "What?"
Carol "She's waiting for you on the other side of the gate."
Rick "I'm coming."
Then Rick got up.
Rick "Sorry, I have to go. The gate is having trouble."
Ezekiel "What?"
Rick "Amanda has come back."
Rosita "What the hell?"
Rick "I'll go see what she wants."
Ezekiel "Do you Need Help?"
Rick "No thanks."
Then Carol and Rick left the church.
Rick "I told him she shouldn't come back."
Carol "Cora reportedly expelled him."
Meanwhile, at the gate.
Amanda "I know you all hate me, but I really didn't know that Cora would do it."
Daryl "You're full of shit."
Then Rick and Carol arrived at the gate.
Daryl "Your sister is talking shit."
Amanda "I'm not talking shit!"
Daryl "Shut up."
Rick "Daryl, stop. I'll continue on this."
Rick looked at his sister.
Rick "Why did you come back?"
Amanda "I beat Cora and she expelled me away and if I go back they will kill me."
Rick "You know everyone hates you here."
Amanda "Yeah, I know."
Rick "And if you come here, there's also the risk that someone will kill you."
Amanda "Just the same. I'm not going to go back where I came from."
Rick looked at Carol, Daryl and Ocean.
Ocean "You're the leader here, so your choice."
Rick looked at Amanda.
Rick "All right, you can come here, but we'll put you in jail."
Amanda, "I am willing to take that risk."
Rick looked at Daryl.
Rick "Open the gate."
Daryl opened the gate and Amanda came into the kingdom.
Amanda "Thank you."
Then Daryl closed the gate.
Rick "I'll take you straight to prison."
Rick put Amanda on handcuffs.
Rick "This is not the first time I put you in jail."
Amanda "Yeah, it can't be."
Then Rick took Amanda to the building where the prisons were.
Daryl "Did I hear that Rick had arrested his sister before?"
Carol "Yeah, you heard it right."
Ocean "What has she done?"
Carol "That's what we have to ask Rick."
Meanwhile, a prison building.
Rick "I wouldn't want to do this to you."
Amanda "I can blame myself for this."
Then Rick put Amanda on the cell and locked it.
Rick "Someone will watch you."
Amanda "Okay."
Then Rick left. Outside, Daryl waited for her.
Daryl "I heard that this wasn't your first time you put your sister in prison."
Rick "Yeah, it wasn't."
Daryl "What did she do before you put him in jail?"
Rick "You don't want to know."
Daryl "We need to know."
Rick "Okay. When Amanda was 18, she killed her best friend."
Daryl "What the hell? Why?"
Rick "Amanda was jealous. And she was in drugs. So she didn't know what she was doing."

to be continued...



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