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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 17

Daryl "So Amanda is a killer."
Rick "Amanda didn't kill Nalani."
Daryl "But it doesn't change the fact that she wouldn't be a killer."
Rick "What Amanda did in the past is nothing to do with this."
Daryl "Still she's a killer. Once a killer always a killer, so they say, right?"
Rick "Amanda stays here."
Daryl "What?"
Rick "We'll keep him in prison until we've decided what we're doing for him."
Daryl "Well, I already know what I would do."
Rick "I'm sure about that, but I want to know what others think."
Daryl "Rick, she's a risk here. And I don't want to take the risk that someday she will flee that and kill someone."
Rick "Don't worry, it won't happen."
Daryl "But, I still don't like this."
Rick "I know."
Daryl "I know she's your sister, Rick. But she's not good."
Rick "I'll take care of the fact that she remains in prison."
Daryl "Well, it's your responsibility if something goes wrong."
Rick "Nothing goes wrong, believe me."
Daryl "You have always said and something has always gone wrong."
Rick "Are you saying you that I'm a bad leader here?"
Daryl "No, I didn't mean it."
Rick "Well, trust me even once."
Daryl "All right, Amanda can stay here, but you are responsible for her."
Then Daryl left.
Rick "I don't think Daryl trusts me anymore."
Then Rick went back to the church.
Daryl "Rick doesn't realize what he's doing."
Meanwhile, in the church, Gabriel saw Rick walking towards the altar, and he noticed that Rick was angry.
Gabriel "Welcome back, Rick. Is everything okay? You're angry."
Rick "I am angry."
Gabriel "What has happened?"
Then Rick turned around and all stared at him.
Rick "Amanda is back."
Jerry "What did you say?"
Rick "Amanda is back. Although I told her she couldn't come back."
Rosita "Why did she even come back?"
Rick "She told me Cora had expelled him."
Rosita "Are you sure she's not lying?"
Rick "I don't know what the truth is."
Siddiq "Where's the killer now?"
Rick "Amanda is not a killer! And she is in prison now."
Ezekiel "What are you going to do to her?"
Rick "I haven't thought about it yet."
Jenny "I already know what I would do."
Rick "Daryl said the same."
Jesus "What would you do?"
Jenny "I'd kill her, officially."
Jesus "You cannot kill an innocent person."
Jenny "She's not innocent! She let them kill Nalani, god damn it!"
Jesus said nothing.
Eugene "But Amanda said she didn't know they would kill someone of us."
Rosita "Do you defend her?"
Eugene "No, no. I just said."
Maggie "I think we should listen to what Amanda has to say."
Glenn "But ....."
Maggie "No but."
Rick "I agree with Maggie."
Ocean "What the hell if she killing someone about us?"
Rick "It won't happen."
Ozzy "I support the fact that we listen to what Amanda has to say and only then can we make a decision about what we do for her."
Destiny "Ezekiel, what do you think?"
Ezekiel "I also support that we listen to what Amanda has to say."
Rick "It's been decided then."
Dianne "What if Amanda is lying to us or telling us nothing?"
Rick "I'll get him to talk and this wasn't the first time I put him in jail."
Dianne "What?"
Rick "When Amanda was 18 years old, she killed her best friend because she was jealous, I don't know why she was because she never told me and she was in drugs too so she didn't know what she did."
Nabila "Wait .... Amanda has killed her best friend?"
Rick "So I just told you."
Nabila "So it means that Amanda is a killer and murderer, and you let her stay here."
Rick "What Amanda did in her past is not related to this moment."
Nabila "What if she escapes and kills someone of us?"
Rick "It won't happen."
Nabila "How would you prevent it?"
Rick "Someone can watch him."
Dianne "Me and Neil, we can do it. We are the guards of the prisoner here anyway."
Rick "It's agreed. You can go now to watch him."
Dianne "Okay, Rick."
Then Neil and Dianne left the church.
Ezekiel "I trust your word Rick."
Rick "Well, some don't believe."
Ezekiel "They're still changing their minds."
Rick "Let's hope so."
Meanwhile, a prison building. Amanda heard someone coming in.
Amanda "Rick, is that you?"
No reply.
Amanda "Rick?"
Then Dianne and Neil walked towards Amanda.
Dianne "It wasn't Rick. It was us."
Amanda "Who the hell are you?"
Dianne "I'm Dianne."
Neil "And I'm Neil."
Amanda "What the fuck are you doing here?"
Neil "We are the guard of the prisoner here and our job is to guard you."
Amanda "Why hell? As I escape or something."
Dianne "Who knows even if you were trying to escape."
Amanda "I'm not going anywhere."
Neil "Yeah, maybe not now."

to be continued.....



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