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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 18

Amanda "What the hell do you think that I should go when I'm in jail?"
Neil "You can escape."
Amanda "How in the hell do you think I could escape when that fucking door is locked and I have no fucking key to it."
Neil "Everything can be possible."
Amanda "Do you think I will kill someone, huh?"
Dianne "Well, you could, when you think about what you've done in the past."
Amanda "What the fuck are you talking about?"
Neil "You killed your best friend when you were 18 years old."
Amanda "I haven't killed anyone when I was 18 or at least I don't remember killing."
Dianne "Well, Rick told me another."
Amanda "What the hell?"
Neil "Rick told us that you had killed your best friend because you were jealous of him for some strange reason and you were then under the influence of drugs."
Amanda didn't remember anything.
Amanda "I haven't killed anyone. Maybe Rick mixed me up with another girl. I'd never kill my best friend."
Dianne "We Believe, Rick."
Amanda "Maybe I have been using drugs when I was 18 years old, but I do not remember that I killed my best friend."
Neil "Drugs do that, you don't remember what you're doing."
Amanda "I haven't killed anyone!"
Dianne "Maybe you are, but you don't remember it anymore."
Amanda "Shut up."
Neil "Well, you remember it one day."
Amanda said nothing.
Dianne "How did you meet them?"
Amanda "Huh?"
Dianne "How did you meet Rebels community?"
Amanda "I didn't meet them, they found me."
Neil "And you decided to join them, huh?"
Amanda "They were nice people."
Dianne "Well, it didn't look like that."
Amanda "They were nice when they found me."
Neil "What changed?"
Amanda "I can't answer that. Cora can, because she's the leader."
Dianne "Whatever happened, it turned them into monsters."
Amanda "Yeah, I guess."
In the meantime, on the other hand.
Daryl "Rick, put Amanda in jail."
Carol "Isn't that a good thing?"
Daryl "No, it's not."
Carol "What do you mean?"
Daryl "Carol, that girl is a ticking time bomb."
Carol "What?"
Daryl "Rick said that Amanda had killed her best friend when she was 18 years old."
Carol didn't say anything.
Daryl "And Amanda was then under the influence of drugs."
Carol "That explains why she did what she did. When you are under the influence of drugs you don't know what you're doing. You should know that."
Daryl "What do you mean? I've never used drugs."
Carol "I didn't mean you. I meant Merle. He used drugs and sometimes he didn't know what he was doing."
Daryl said nothing.
Carol "Hardly Amanda kills anyone."
Daryl "You can't know it."
Carol "Amanda is in jail and she can't escape."
Daryl "So, Rick also said that."
Carol "Because maybe Rick is right."
Daryl "But what if someday Amanda somehow manages to escape?"
Carol "Hardly it happens."
Daryl "You can't know it."
Carol "Listen, if Amanda someday will be able to flee, she will not be safe anywhere."
Daryl "Well, she can kill someone."
Carol "Stop it."
Daryl "Carol, I'm just worried."
Carol "It's useless."
Daryl "I don't want more people to die."
Carol "Nobody's going to die."
In the meantime, elsewhere.
Ella "Where the hell am I?"
Then Ella noticed a sign saying "Welcome to the Kingdom."
Ella "At last! I hope there is someone who can help me."
Ella walked slowly toward the Kingdom because she had been shot in the right foot.
Ella "I really don't want to die yet."

to be continued....



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