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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 2

Daryl "I could have saved Rick and Carl."
Carol "None of us knew that Rick and Carl would die."
Daryl "We should have."
Carol "Listen, we can't change what's happened."
Daryl "I know, but I wish we could."
Carol "I hope that too. But we have to learn to live with it."
Daryl "Yeah, maybe you're right."
Carol "I'll go back to sleep. You should also try to sleep."
Daryl "Yeah, I know. Otherwise ...."
Carol "Yeah?"
Daryl "Judith called me a father."
Carol didn't say anything.
Daryl "But I'm not his father. His father died. And that's my fault."
Carol "No, it's not your fault when Rick and Carl died. It's not our fault that it happened."
Daryl "If I had been there it wouldn't have happened."
Carol "Stop it. It would certainly have happened anyway."
Then Carol went back to sleep and Daryl sat down in the kitchen.
Daryl "Damn."
Then Daryl snapped up from the chair and went back to the living room where Judith slept on the couch.
Daryl "Maybe I have to try to sleep."
Then Daryl went to bed, then he fell asleep. The next morning.
Nabila "Hey, Destiny and Daisy."
Daisy "Hey, Nabila and Morning."
Nabila "Good morning."
Destiny "Did you have something?"
Nabila "Kunnigas Ezikiel told you to take these boxes to survivors."
Daisy "Ezikiel is not a damn king and I'm not taking any boxes for anyone."
Nabila "This was the order of Ezikiel and you do as he says."
Daisy "I refuse."
Destiny "Daisy, don't bother. We just take those boxes to them and then we leave."
Nabila "Yeah and then you also say that Ezikiel is waiting for them in the dining room."
Daisy "Why don't you take these hell boxes for them?"
Nabila "It's not my job."
Then Nabila gave the boxes to them.
Nabila "Go now."
Daisy "I guess we have to go."
Then Destiny and Daisy left for the house where the survivors were.
Daisy "This is fucked!"
Destiny "No, that's just life."
Daisy "Life is Fucked."
Destiny "No, but you are."
Daisy "Shut up."
Destiny "I'm just trying to be kind."
Daisy "So sure."
Destiny "Why are you so upset today?"
Daisy "Because I haven't got my morning coffee yet!"
Destiny sighed.
Daisy "No one should have to talk to me before I have my coffee."
Then they were in the house.
Daisy "Should we knock?"
Destiny "Isn't it obvious?"
Then Daisy put the box on the stairs and he knocked on the door.
Judith "Hey, Daryl! Someone knocks the door!"
Daryl "I hear it."
Judith "Go see who it is."
Daryl "You go."
Judith "Why me?"
Daryl "You're a leader, that's why."
Judith "Okay, I'm going."
Meanwhile, outside the door.
Daisy "Maybe they're still sleeping."
Destiny "Now we just wait."
Daisy "Why can't we just leave these boxes here and leave?"
Destiny "It doesn't work that way."
Then Destiny noticed the movement inside the house.
Destiny "Someone seems to be awake."
Daisy "How's that?"
Destiny "I saw movement inside the house."
Then Judith opened the door.
Judith "What do you want?"
Daisy "Nabila told us to bring these boxes to you."
Judith "What's in them?"
Destiny "Clothes."
Judith "Thank you."
Then Judith took the boxes inside.
Judith "Was there anything else?"
Destiny "Ezikiel is waiting for you in the dining room."
Judith "Okay, we'll get there as soon as possible."
Daisy "Okay."
Destiny "We're going now."
Judith "Okay."
Then Daisy and Destiny left and Judith closed the door and went back inside.
Eugene "What did they want?"
Judith "Oh, Eugene Good morning. I didn't notice you."
Eugene "Morning."
Judith "They brought us two boxes of clothes and they said that Ezikiel is waiting for us in the dining room."
Eugene "We're going there?"
Judith "Yeah, we're going."
Then Daryl came to the hall.
Daryl "Who was that?"
Judith "People of the Kingdom. I don't know their names."
Daryl "What did they want?"
Judith "They brought us clothes and they said that Ezikiel is waiting for us in the dining room."
Daryl "I'm not coming."
Judith "You're coming."
Daryl "No, I'm not coming."
Judith "Daryl, you have to."
Daryl didn't say anything, he just grabbed a leather jacket, t-shirt, black jeans and motorcycle shoes.
Daryl "These are mine."
Then he left.
Eugene "Daryl was angry."
Judith "Maybe he wasn't awake yet."
Eugene "Yeah, maybe."
Judith "Take your clothes."
Eugene took out new clothes from the box. And others did the same when they woke up.
Judith "Ezikiel is waiting for us in the dining room."
Jenny "Do we have to go there?"
Judith "Yeah, we have to."
Jenny "Why hell? We have a kitchen here."
Judith "Ezikiel wants to meet us, probably."
Jenny "That freak met us yesterday."
Carol "We're going there."
Jenny "You can go, but I'll stay here."
Daryl "I'll stay here, too."
Carol "None of us will stay here."
Daryl "I'm not coming!"
Jenny "I'm not coming either, either!"
Jesus "We go there."
Jenny "I'm not coming."
Jesus "If you don't come voluntarily, I'll pull you there."
Jenny stared at her brother.
Jesus, "And I'm serious."
Jenny "All right, I'll come."
Carol looked at Daryl.
Daryl "I guess I'll have to come."
Then they went out of the house and Judith closed the door and they walked toward the dining room. On the way, Dianne and Nasir stared at them.
Dianne "Who are they?"
Nasir "They're Survivors."
Dianne "When they came here?"
Nasir "Yesterday."
Dianne "Okay."
Then they came to the building with a dining room inside. Then they saw a big man coming towards them.
Maggie "Who is that?"
Judith "I don't know."
Then the man stopped.
Jerry "Hi, I'm Jerry."
Judith "Hey."
Jerry "We're going to the same place apparently."
Judith "What?"
Jerry "You were going to the dining room, right?"
Judith "Yeah."
Jerry "Well, let's go inside."
Jerry opened the door to them and they went inside and Jerry closed the door.
Jerry "Welcome to the King's Dining Room."
Judith "Thank you."
Then Ezikiel noticed them.
Jerry "The king is already waiting for you."
Daryl "The King?"
Jerry "Yep, Ezikiel is the king here."
Jenny "I think he is a freak and not a king."
Jerry said nothing, then Ezikiel nodded and walked to them.
Ezikiel "Welcome to our dining room."
Carol "Thank you."
Ezikiel "Go eat."
Then everyone went to eat except Judith.
Ezikiel "You will sit with me."
Judith "Why?"
Ezikiel "Because you are the leader of your community."
Judith "Okay."
Ezikiel "Follow me."
Judith followed Ezikiel.
Judith "Jerry mentioned that you are the king here."
Ezikiel "Some call me king or leader."
Judith "You're not King?"
Ezikiel "I didn't say I was."
Then they sat down.
Ezekiel "How did they die?"
Judith "Huh?"
Ezikiel "How did your father and brother die?"
Judith "The whisperers killed them."
Ezikiel "I'm sorry."
Judith just nodded.
Ezikiel "You met Jerry already, right?"
Judith "Yeah."
Ezikiel "He shows you places today."
Judith "Okay."
Ezikiel "Is anyone of them your mother?"
Judith "My mother is dead, too."
Ezikiel "Really?"
Judith "Yeah."
Ezikiel "How did she die?"
Judith "She gave birth to me and then she died."
Ezikiel "So have you lived without a mother so far?"
Judith "Well, Carol has been to me like a mother figure."
Ezikiel "Who is Carol of them?"
Judith "She's the one sitting next to Daryl."
Ezikiel looked at Carol who sat next to Daryl.
Ezikiel "Are they lovers?"
Judith "I'm not sure. Why?"
Ezikiel "Because they look like they are."
Judith "Maybe they are."
Then Jerry came to them.
Ezikiel "What now, Jerry?"
Jerry "It's Daisy."
Ezikiel "What has that girl done again?"
Jerry "Well, she broke the rules again."
Ezikiel "What did she do?"
Jerry "She was outside the gate last night."
Ezikiel "Who told you?"
Jerry "Siddiq. He had seen Daisy again jumping to the other side of the gate."
Ezikiel "That girl knows how to make trouble. I'm talking to her today."
Jerry "Okay."
Ezikiel "And you are presenting the survivors places today, after they have eaten."
Jerry "Okay, King."
Then Ezikiel nodded.
Ezikiel "I'm going to look for that trouble maker."
Jerry "Okay."
Then Ezikiel went to find Daisy and Jerry went to sit next to Judith.
Jerry "What's your name?"
Judith "It's Judith."
Jerry "I'm Jerry."

to be continued...



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