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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 3

Judith "I know it already."
Jerry "Oh, so I'd already say it."
Judith "Yeah. Who's this Daisy?"
Jerry "She's a stubborn girl. She doesn't listen to anyone, not even Ezikiel."
Judith "She sounds like she likes to cause problems here."
Jerry "Yeah. That's what she usually does."
In the meantime, on the other hand.
Ezikiel "Hey, Dianne and Nasir."
Nasir "Hey, King."
Ezikiel "Have you seen Daisy?"
Dianne "Don't just say that girl has done something stupid again."
Ezikiel "She has done."
Nasir "What has she done again?"
Ezikiel "She had gone to the other side of the gate yesterday night. Siddiq had seen him."
Dianne "That was nothing new."
Ezikiel "Has she done it before?"
Nasir "She has done it almost every day."
Ezikiel "It's gonna end now."
Dianne "She went to Siddiq."
Ezikiel "Why?"
Then Nalani came to them.
Nalani "Because she had some kind of wound on his wrist."
Ezikiel "I'm going to the hospital building."
Nalani "Okay."
Then Ezikiel began to walk towards the hospital building.
Nalani "Daisy will be in trouble."
Nasir "She is already."
Nalani "What?"
Dianne "The wound that Daisy was on his wrist looked like a bite."
Nalani "Do you say the walker would have bitten him?"
Nasir "That would be very likely."
Ezikiel had arrived at the hospital building and went inside.
Ezikiel "Siddiq!"
Siddiq "Yeah, King?"
Ezikiel "Is Daisy there?"
Siddiq "Yeah, she's!"
Daisy "Siddiq, what the fuck?"
Siddiq "What?"
Daisy "Why did you tell her?"
Siddiq "He must know."
Then Ezikiel came to them.
Ezikiel "Daisy, we have to talk."
Daisy didn't say anything.
Siddiq "I'm ready. Then I go away, and ye shall speak."
Then Siddiq put the patch on Daisy's wound.
Siddiq "It didn't look like a normal wound so that you know."
Then Siddiq went to Ezikiel and whispered to Ezikiel's ear.
Siddiq "It's a bite. But don't tell him yet."
Ezikiel nodded and Siddiq left.
Daisy "You wanted to talk."
Ezikiel "I know what you've done."
Daisy "What? I haven't done anything wrong."
Ezikiel "Don't lie to me."
Daisy "I don't know what the fuck you're talking about."
Ezikiel "I heard that you've been many times on the other side of the gate, even if I had banned from going there."
Daisy didn't say anything.
Ezikiel "And where is Henry?"
Daisy "How the hell do I know where he is."
Ezikiel "Has he been with you?"
Daisy "No, he's not. I'm not Henry's fucking guard."
Ezikiel "Listen, you have to listen to me."
Daisy "You're not a fucking king."
Ezikiel didn't say anything.
Daisy "Your task is not to be everything for everyone."
Ezikiel "I'm just trying to keep you alive!"
Daisy "So sure."
Then Daisy got up.
Daisy "I'm not going to listen to you."
Ezikiel "Do you know what?"
Daisy "What?"
Ezikiel "Siddiq told me that the wound you have, it is a bite and you will become a walker soon or later and then someone of us will kill you."
Daisy "It's not a bite. I know what the bite looks like."
Ezikiel didn't say anything.
Daisy "I'm going now."
Then Daisy walked out of the building and Ezikiel went after him.
Ezikiel "Daisy, you have to listen to me. I am a leader here."
Daisy "I wish you weren't!"
Ezikiel "What's your problem?"
Daisy "My problem is that you think you're a fucking king here!"
Ezikiel didn't say anything.
Daisy "You're far from the king!"
In the meantime, on the other hand.
Jerry "Have you eaten already?"
Maggie "Yeah, we are."
Jerry "Good, let's go."
Jenny "Huh?"
Jerry "I'll show you places."
Jenny "Okay."
Then they left the dining room.
Jerry "There's a movie theater."
Eugene "You have a movie theater here?"
Jerry "Yep."
Jenny "Fucking great!"
Jerry "Yeah it is."
Carol "How do you keep everything up?"
Jerry "We sometimes have a market here and we made trade with other communities."
Glenn "Sounds sensible."
Daryl "Not for me. That sounds more like a waste of time."
Carol "Daryl, stop."
Daryl "Do you know what the fuck out there is?"
Jerry "Yeah, we know. But Ezikiel said we can live with them as long as we don't annoy them."
Daryl "No one can live in peace with walkers."
Jerry "We Can If We Just Want."
Daryl "Shit talk."
Rosita "I agree with Daryl."
Jerry "Ezikiel has made the rules here, so we live by them."
Jenny "Who the fuck needs rules these days?"
Judith "Some communities need it."
Jerry "Yep."
Jenny "But we're do not need them."
Judith "Sometimes it would be good if we had the rules."
Jenny "Yeah, no thanks."
Judith "I may have made rules for us."
Jenny "Well, then you can be fucking sure I will leave."
Jesus "Jenny, the rules could be a good thing for us."
Jenny "No fuck would be."
Daryl "No one of us would follow them. Rick didn't make the rules, so we don't need them now."
Judith "I am not like my dad!"
Daryl looked at Judith.
Judith "We are voting on the rules."
Jenny "You're not fucking serious!"
Judith "I am."
Jenny "I'd rather vote for a new leader."
Judith "It won't happen."

to be continued....



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