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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 4

Daryl "We don't need fucking rules. We didn't have them when Rick was our leader."
Judith "It should keep us safe."
Jenny "No fucking rules keep us safe, Judith."
Jesus "We Need Rules. Otherwise, each of us will do as we want."
Daryl "Even if we had rules, it wouldn't prevent anyone from doing what they want."
Carol "The rules would be a good thing."
Jenny "Who would hell even follow them?"
Daryl "I wouldn't follow them."
Jenny "I'm not, either."
Gabriel "Judith is right, we need some kind of rules."
Daryl "I'd rather leave this community when I follow any fucking rules."
Jenny "We can then leave this community together."
Rosita "Okay, we can make the rules, but nobody would follow them."
Eugene "I'll follow them."
Rosita "That was nothing new."
Eugene "I say yes to the rules."
Rosita "Then you are alone. I say no."
Rosita looked at Jesus.
Jesus "I say yes."
Jenny "You already know my mind and it's still fucking no."
Carol "Daryl?"
Daryl "I say no, too."
Gabriel "Yes."
Glenn "I don't know if I'd say yes or no."
Maggie "I don't think the rules would be good, so I say no."
Glenn "I also say no, too."
Judith "So 4 of you say yes and the rest of you say no."
Daryl "Looks like that."
Judith "Okay, we don't make the rules now. But we'll do them at some point."
Daryl "I'm going to the woods."
Jerry "No, you can't go there."
Daryl "Why? Is it because of the walkers there? I can kill them."
Jerry "No, not because of it."
Maggie "Why then?"
Jerry "I can't talk about it."
Daryl "Jerry, if you know something we don't know, then you have to tell us."
Jerry "The King forbade me to tell it."
Daryl "What the hell is it, so I'll find out."
Then Daryl went to the gate and Carol ran after him.
Rosita "Jerry, what's there you can't talk about?"
Jerry didn't say anything.
Carol "Daryl, wait!"
Daryl turned around.
Daryl "What do you want?"
Carol "I'll come with you."
Daryl "You don't need to."
Carol "You can't stop me coming."
Meanwhile, on the other hand.
Ezikiel "Nabila, have you seen Henry?"
Nabila "Henry is not here?"
Ezikiel "No, he's not here."
Nabila "Usually Henry is with Daisy."
Ezikiel "Well, Daisy said she haven't seen Henry for two days."
Nabila "Has Henry been gone for two days?"
Ezikiel "So Daisy said."
Nabila "This is awful."
Ezikiel "We find Henry, I promise you."
Nabila "What if the Highway community has taken Henry?"
Ezikiel "Why would they do it?"
Nabila "They can do anything."
Meanwhile, on the gate.
Daryl "Open the Gate!"
Nalani "I can't."
Daryl "Why?"
Nalani "Because nobody leaves here without the king's permission."
Daryl "Open this hell of gate!"
Nalani "I said already that I can't open it if you don't have the king's permission."
Daryl "Your king can push the permissions in his ass."
Carol "Daryl, Stop!"
Daryl "Open that gate of hell!"
Then Nadine came to see what was going on.
Nadine "Is everything okay?"
Daryl "Not in hell."
Nadine "What's the matter?"
Nalani "He would like to go to the forest, but I said I can't let him unless he has Ezikiel's permission."
Nadine looked at Daryl.
Nadine "I'm sorry, but we can not let you go into the woods."
Daryl "I have to go there!"
Nadine "Why?"
Daryl "I want to know what's going on when Jerry doesn't tell us!"
Nalani "I'll tell you."
Carol "Tell."
Nalani "There is a community called Highwaymen in that forest."
Daryl "That's a fucking stupid name."
Nalani "It may be, but those people are not stupid."
Daryl "I'm not afraid of them."
Carol "Are They Bad?"
Nadine "They're not usually. Not at least if they want to negotiate."

to be continued.....



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