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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 5

Daryl "I'm not afraid of them."
Nalina "Then go, but none of us will save you."
Daryl "You don't need to."
Then Nalani opened the gate and Carol and Daryl went to the forest.
Nadine "This wasn't good."
Nalani "They wanted it."
In the meantime, on the other hand.
Henry "Let me go!"
Zara "Why Should We?"
Henry "You know what happens if Ezikiel gets to know this."
Ocean "He must never know."
Henry "I am sure that he has already sent someone to look for me."
D.J. "Hardly he is."
Henry "I know Ezikiel."
Then Valery noticed that Carol and Daryl were walking towards their camp.
Valery "Or maybe Ezikiel has sent someone to look for Henry."
Ozzy "What do you mean?"
Valery "Look at that."
Ozzy and others saw Daryl and Carol approaching them.
Alek "Son, do you know them?"
Henry "No, I don't. I haven't seen them before."
Zara "Maybe they're new members of the Kingdom?"
Henry "Probably."
Then Carol and Daryl stopped.
Valery "Who are you?"
Carol "I am Carol."
Daryl "And I'm Daryl."
Ocean "Did Ezikiel send you to get Henry back?"
Daryl "Who the hell is Henry? I don't know anyone whose name would be Henry."
Ozzy "He's Henry."
Then Ozzy showed Henry.
Daryl "We don't know him."
Henry "And I don't know them."
Alek "If you don't know Henry, why the hell are you here?"
Daryl "We came to kill the walkers."
Ozzy "Are you even members of the Kingdom?"
Carol "No, we are not. We are a member of a community called Survivor and we are now living in the Kingdom."
D.J. "Okay."
Henry "But Ezikiel still sent you, right?"
Daryl "No, he didn't send us."
Henry "I don't understand."
Daryl "You don't need to."
Henry "Are you taking me back to the kingdom?"
Daryl "Maybe."
Carol "We can take you back."
Ozzy "Wait for a moment. You won't take him until Ezikiel has signed my contract."
Daryl "We don't know shit about any deal."
D.J. "Didn't Ezikiel mention it to you?"
Carol "He didn't say anything."
Valery "Well, say Ezikiel that Henry will stay here as long as he refuses to sign our contract."
Carol "We say."
Henry "Hey, you just can't leave me here!"
Daryl "Sorry, Dude."
Henry "Hey, this is rude."
Carol "We can't do anything for it."
Henry "Take me back to the kingdom."
Daryl "We can't do it."
That's when they heard the tiger roar.
Ozzy "Well, it looks like Ezikiel found us."
Then Ezikiel walked toward them and had Shiva involved.
Ezikiel "Ozzy, let him go."
Ozzy looked at Zara.
Ozzy "Let him go."
Zara just nodded and cut off the ropes that were around Henry's wrists, then Henry ran to Ezikiel.
Henry "Father, I knew you would come."
Ezikiel just nodded.
Daryl "Ozzy told us something about an agreement."
Ezikiel "Yeah, but I refuse to agree."
Ozzy "You play with fire, King."
Ezikiel "Your contract was not rational. Make a new one, maybe I might agree."
Valery looked at Ozzy.
Ozzy "All right, we'll make a new deal."
Ezikiel "You will come to the kingdom to tell it so that everyone will hear it."
Ozzy "Okay, we're coming. When?"
Ezikiel "Tonight and if you do not come, there will be no agreement."
Then Ezikiel, Shiva and Henry went back to the Kingdom, but Carol and Daryl were still in the woods.
Zara "Have you seen the Whisperers?"
Carol "Yeah we are and we killed them all."
D.J. "How Can It Be Possible?"
Daryl "We got help."
Ocean "Now we don't have to worry about them anymore."
Alek "How did you end up in the kingdom?"
Daryl "It's a long story."
Ozzy "We'll see tonight."
Carol "Yep."
Then Carol and Daryl left.
Zara "I liked them."
Ocean "I also."
Ozzy "Yeah, undeniably they were nice."
Meanwhile, in the Kingdom.
Ezikiel "Look who's back."
Everyone turned to see Ezikiel and Henry.
Daisy "Henry, nice to see you!"
Henry "Likewise."
Dianne "Where have you been?"
Henry "Highwaymen kidnapped me."
Nabila "How did Ezikiel find you?"
Ezikiel "I followed Carol and Daryl."
Jesus "What?"
Ezikiel "They went to the woods."
Judith "Why didn't anyone tell me anything?"
Ezikiel "I thought you knew."
Judith "I didn't know."
Nalani "I and Nadine tried to stop them, but they wanted to go."
Then Carol and Daryl came back to the kingdom.
Daryl "Hey, guys."
Jenny "Why didn't you tell us anything?"
Daryl "What?"
Judith "Why did you go to the forest without telling us anything?"
Carol "We thought you knew it."
Jenny "How would we know it in hell?"
Daryl "Well, we're here now and we're still alive."
Judith "The next time you will tell me!"
Daryl "Why Should We?"
Judith, "I am your leader!"
Just then, the Highwaymen community was walking towards KUningaskun.
Jerry "What the hell are they doing here?"
Ezikiel "They came here to propose an agreement."

to be continued...



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