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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 6

Jerry "You said you hated them."
Ezikiel "I have not said so."
Then Jenny recognized Ozzy and she started staring at Ozzy.
Jesus "What are you staring at, sister?"
Jenny "I know her."
Jesus "You know who?"
Jenny "Their leader."
Jesus "What?"
Jenny "Ozzy is their leader."
Jesus "How do you know him?"
Jenny "She saved me once."
Then Ozzy noticed Jenny.
Ozzy "Hey, I saved you once, right?"
Jenny "Yeah, you did."
Ozzy "Nice to see you still alive."
Jenny "Yeah, thanks for you."
Ozzy looked at Jesus.
Ozzy "Your girlfriend is nice."
Jenny lifted her eyebrows.
Jesus "Jenny is not my girlfriend. She is my sister."
Ozzy "Oh, sorry. I didn't know."
Jesus "Now you know."
Ozzy "Well, who's your leader?"
Jesus "Judith is."
Ozzy "I'd like to meet him."
Judith "Well, I'm here."
Ozzy turned to look at Judith.
Ozzy "You're their leader?"
Judith "Yep."
Ozzy "This must be a joke, right?"
Judith "It's not."
Ozzy "You're really their leader? Don't bother."
Judith "Yes I am."
Ozzy "This is crazy times."
Judith "My father Rick was first a leader, but then he died and I became a new leader."
Ozzy "Okay."
Judith, "I am a good leader."
Ozzy "Well, I believe it."
Judith "Where are the others?"
Ozzy "What?"
Judith "Where aree your other members?"
Ozzy "They Died."
Judith "How?"
Ozzy "The whisperers killed them."
Judith, "I'm sorry."
Ozzy "Thank you, girl."
Ezikiel "Ozzy, let's go inside."
Ozzy "Okay, King."
Then Ozzy looked at Judith.
Ozzy "See you later, kiddo."
Then Ezikiel and Ozzy walked toward the inn.
Ozzy "They are nice people."
Ezikiel "Yeah they are."
Daisy noticed Ezikiel and Ozzy.
Daisy "What the fuck?"
Henry "What Now?"
Daisy "What the hell is Ozzy doing here?"
Henry "They came to make a deal with the king."
Daisy "Okay."
Then Henry noticed the wound that was on Daisy's wrist.
Henry "Where did that come from?"
Daisy "Huh?"
Henry "That wound you have on your wrist."
Daisy "I fell."
Henry "That's a bite."
Daisy "So Ezikiel also said."
Henry "Yes, because it is."
Daisy "I know what the bite looks like and this isn't a fucking bite."
Henry "If you say so."
Then Ezikiel and Ozzy came to them.
Ozzy "Hey."
Daisy "What the fuck are you doing here, Ozzy?"
Ozzy "The king called me here."
Daisy looked at Ezikiel.
Ezikiel "Daisy, he's here to make a deal with me."
Daisy "Okay."
Then Ozzy also noticed a wound that was on Daisy's wrist.
Ozzy "Where did you get that bite?"
Daisy "It's not a bite!"
Ozzy "Officially it is."
Daisy "Why are everyone saying it's fucking a bite?"
Ozzy "Maybe that's because it is."
Daisy "Siddiq didn't say that to me."
Ezikiel "There is a reason why he didn't say it."
Daisy "I'm going to talk to Siddiq."
Henry "I can come with you if you want."
Daisy "No thanks."
Then Daisy went to find Siddiq.
Ozzy "That girl was a little angry."
Henry "Can I come with you?"
Ezikiel "Of course you can, my son."
Then they walked towards the inn.
Daisy "Hey, Nabila."
Nabila "Hey, Daisy. How can I help you?"
Daisy "Do you know where Siddiq is?"
Nabila "He's definitely in a hospital building."
Daisy "Thank you, Nabila."
Nabila "Are you okay?"
Daisy "Yeah, I am, thank you."
Nabila "Okay."
Daisy "Thanks Nabila again and see you later."
Nabila "No problem, I like to help others. And see you."
Then Daisy went to the hospital building.
Rosita "Hey, you are Nabila, right?"
Nabila turned to see Rosita.
Nabila "Yeah, I am. Who are you?"
Rosita "My name is Rosita."
Nabila "Nice to meet you, you have a beautiful name."
Rosita "Thank you."
Nabila "Have you enjoyed the Kingdom?"
Rosita "Yeah, I am."
Nabila "Nice to hear."
Rosita "Need Help?"
Nabila "Yeah, it would be nice."
Rosita "What do I have to do?"
Nabila "Collect vegetables. As I do."
Rosita "Okay."
Then Rosita began to help Nabila.
Nabila "I heard you killed the Whisperers."
Rosita "Yeah, we did."
Meanwhile, Daisy had arrived at the hospital building and she went inside.
Daisy "Siddiq!"
No reply.
Daisy "Siddiq, are you here?"
Then Siddiq replied.
Siddiq "Yeah, I'm here!"
Daisy walked to Siddiq.
Siddiq "Daisy, is everything fine?"
Daisy "No, no."
Siddiq "What's the matter?"
Daisy "Why didn't you tell me in hell that I have a bite?"
Siddiq "I thought you knew."
Daisy "Well, apparently I didn't know!"
Siddiq "I'm sorry."
Daisy "You're a fucking doctor! So you should have told me!"
Siddiq didn't say anything.
Daisy "I hate you and I hate this place!"
Siddiq still said nothing.
Daisy "Why don't you say anything?"
Siddiq "Want to know why I didn't tell you?"
Daisy "Yes, thank you!"
Siddiq "I didn't tell it because I wanted to protect you!"
Daisy "What the fuck?"
Siddiq "Don't you realize?"
Daisy "Understand what?"
Siddiq "I was in love with you! And I'm still!"
Daisy "Wait .... wait .... you are what?"
Siddiq "I'm in love with you, Daisy."
Daisy didn't say anything.
Siddiq "I know we have a lot of age differences, but I don't care."
Daisy "I .... I .... I have to go."
Then Daisy ran out of the building.
Siddiq "Daisy, Wait!"
Then Siddiq went looking for Daisy. On his way he ran into Dianne.
Siddiq "Hey, Dianne."
Dianne "Hey, Siddiq."
Siddiq "Have you seen Daisy?"
Dianne "Yeah, I just saw him."
Siddiq "Where did she go?"
Dianne "She ran into the garden, at least I think so."
Siddiq "Thank you."
Dianne "Has something happened?"
Siddiq "Well, I made a mistake."
Dianne "What?"
Siddiq "I didn't tell Daisy immediately that she had a bite."
Dianne "And she found it out and now she's angry with you, isn't he?"
Siddiq "Yeah. And then I went foolish to say to him that I love him."
Dianne "How did she react?"
Siddiq "She ran away. And now I'm looking for him."
Dianne "Okay."
Siddiq "I'm going now."
Then Siddiq walked toward the garden.
Siddiq "I hope Daisy listens to me."
Then Siddiq had arrived in the garden and he saw Daisy lying on the ground.
Siddiq "Daisy!"
Siddiq ran to Daisy.
Siddiq "Daisy, do you hear me?"
No reply.
Siddiq "Daisy, are you okay?"
Still no answer. Then Siddiq realized that Daisy was lifeless.
Siddiq "No, no, no!"
Siddiq started Daisy's recovery.
Siddiq "Be nice and wake up!"
But nothing happened.
Siddiq "I won't let you die now!"
Siddiq continued to revive.
Siddiq "Wake Up Now!"
But Daisy still didn't move.
Siddiq "I won't let you die now. Do you hear?"
Then Daisy coughed.
Siddiq "You're alive!"
Daisy looked at Siddiq.
Daisy "What the hell has happened?"
Siddiq "You were lifeless and I revived you."
Daisy "I don't remember anything."
Siddiq "How did this happen?"
Daisy "I don't know. I just walked and then suddenly everything turned black."
Siddiq "Give your hand."
Daisy "Why?"
Siddiq "I'll help you up."
Daisy handed his hand to Siddiq and Siddiq pulled him up.
Daisy "Thank you."
Siddiq "Nothing."
Daisy "Listen, I'm sorry I ran away. I was scared."
Siddiq "I understand."
Daisy "Listen, I like you Siddiq."
Siddiq "Thank you."
Then Daisy kissed Siddiq.
Daisy, "I'm sorry. I should not ..."
Then Siddiq stopped him with kiss.

to be continued....



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