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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 7

In the meantime, on the other hand.
Jenny "I don't want any fucking rules!"
Gabriel "The rules would keep us alive as the Bible reads."
Jenny "You and your crap bible!"
Jesus "Jenny!"
Jenny looked at her brother.
Jenny "Are you on the side of Gabriel?"
Jesus "I am not on anyone's side."
Gabriel took the Bible.
Jenny "What the fuck are you doing in the Bible?"
Gabriel "I'm looking for the phrase that says the rules would keep us alive."
Jenny "And shit."
Then Jenny got angry and grabbed the Bible from Gabriel's hand.
Gabriel "Hey, give it back!"
Jenny "And I'll give you the fuck."
Then Jenny threw the Bible into the wall and it broke down.
Jenny "You and your Bible can fall into hell!"
Then Jenny ran away.
Rosita "I didn't expect such a reaction from Jenny."
Jesus "I'm sorry. Jenny is sometimes too spicy if she gets angry."
Rosita "I noticed it."
Daryl "Okay, I feel that some point our community breaks down."
Eugene "Well, it's already. It broke down when Rick and Carl died."
Daryl looked at Eugene.
Eugene "It's true."
Judith "I'll take care that this community will not break."
Daryl "Judith, you can't do it."
Judith "Why can't I?"
Daryl "You're not strong enough."
Judith "And would you be then?"
Daryl "Maybe."
Judith "I will not give up my place for you."
Carol "Judith, admit once that Daryl is right."
Judith "Are you trying to turn against me?"
Carol "No, I'm not trying. But I think you should give your place to someone else."
Judith "It won't happen."
In the meantime, on the other hand.
Ezikiel "Sit down, Ozzy."
Ozzy sat down.
Henry "What about me, Dad?"
Ezikiel "You can go."
Henry "Okay, Dad."
Then Henry left.
Ezikiel "Tell your deal."
Ozzy "If the kingdom gives us food and drink, we will leave and we will never return."
Ezikiel "You know I will not accept it."
Ozzy "Well, what's your deal?"
Ezikiel "You and your community could change here and you could clear the roads from the walkers and you would receive a drink, food, and home as a prize."
Ozzy "That's a lousy deal."
Ezikiel "I don't agree with your business."
Ozzy "Good I agree with your dealership."
Ezikiel "It's been agreed then."
Then Ozzy and Ezikiel shook hands.
Ozzy "I hope I will not regret this."
Ezikiel "You will not regret this."
Then Ozzy left.
Henry "You made the deal?"
Ezikiel "Yeah, we did."
Henry "What was it?"
Ezikiel "Ozzy and his community start living here."
Henry "Are you kidding, Dad?"
Ezikiel "Yes, I'm serious."
Henry "This was a bad idea."
Ezikiel "Believe me, my son, this wasn't."
In the meantime, on the other hand.
Daisy "Siddiq Stop."
Siddiq stopped kissing Daisy.
Siddiq "What Now?"
Daisy, "I can not. I'm sorry."
Siddiq "What do you mean?"
Daisy "I have to leave."
Siddiq "What are you talking about?"
Daisy "I have to get out of here."
Siddiq "Why?"
Daisy "I will soon become a walker and then someone will kill me."
Siddiq said nothing, he just got up.
Daisy "I hope you understand."
Siddiq "I don't understand."
Daisy "You understand it some day."
Siddiq said nothing, he just walked away.
Daisy "Damn. Why do I always have to ruin everything?"
Then Daisy got up.
Daisy "I'm leaving and I'll never come back here."
Then Daisy walked into the fence. She didn't notice Destiny, who saw everything.
Destiny "What the hell are you doing?"
Daisy turned around and stared at Destiny.
Daisy "I did nothing."
Destiny "I saw that you tried to jump on the other side of the fence."
Daisy didn't say anything.
Destiny "How many times do I have to say you have no right to go there?"
Daisy "I'm leaving."
Destiny "Why?"
Daisy "I have a bite and I will become a walker."
Destiny "And leaving would help what?"
Daisy "I don't know."
Destiny "You're not leaving."
Daisy "What are you doing about it?"
Destiny "If I have to, I'd kill you."
Daisy "Do it."
Destiny picked up the knife.
Daisy "You know killing is the only option."
Destiny "I'm sorry."
Then Destiny pushed the knife into the Daisy chest. And Daisy fell into the ground. And Destiny put the knife back on the belt.
Destiny "I'm sorry that this happened to you."
Then Nabila came to the backyard and saw Daisy dead in the ground.
Nabila "Good God! What has happened?"
Destiny "Daisy asked me to kill her."
Nabila "Why?"
Destiny "She would have turned into a walker."
Nabila "This is terrible!"
Destiny "I know and I wouldn't have wanted to do this."
Nabila "And you did it anyway."
Destiny "It was the only option and you know it quite well."
Nabila said nothing.
Destiny "Daisy would have gone away."
Nabila "You would have let her go."
Destiny "You know it would have been wrong and against the rules."
Nabila "This would have been an exceptional case."
Destiny "Daisy is now dead, so let it be."
Nabila "If Ezikiel hears what you did, you know you're going to be in trouble."
Destiny "I'm not telling her."
Nabila "But someone else might tell her."
Destiny "Like you?"
Nabila "I might not tell her, but someone else could."
Then Nabila left.
Destiny "Damn!"
Jenny saw Destiny.
Jenny "Is everything okay?"
Destiny turned to look at Jenny.
Destiny "Hey, what ever your name was."
Jenny "It's Jenny."
Destiny "Oh, yeah. I forgot."
Jenny "It's not a problem."
Destiny "You were one of the survivors, right?"
Jenny "Yeah."
Destiny "I thought so."
Jenny "She had bad luck."
Destiny "What?"
Jenny "That's the girl who's dead."
Destiny "Yeah, she had bad luck."
Jenny "Did she have a name?"
Destiny "Yeah, his name was Daisy."
Jenny "What happened?"
Destiny "She had bitten and asked me to kill him."
Jenny "Yeah, it's the only option available today."
Destiny "Yeah, unfortunately."
Jenny "I have had to kill people."
Destiny "Everyone must have."
Jenny "Yeah, probably."
Destiny "You look angry."
Jenny "Yeah, because I am."
Destiny "Why?"
Jenny "Well, Judith our leader wants to make the rules."
Destiny "And you don't like that idea, huh?"
Jenny "Yeah, it's a shit idea."

to be continued......



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