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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 8

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Gabriel went to collect the pages of the Bible from the floor.
Jesus "I'm sorry. Jenny is not usually like that."
Gabriel didn't say anything.
Jesus "Let me help you."
Jesus also began collecting the pages of the Bible from the floor.
Jesus "I don't know why Jenny did as she did."
Gabriel "I shouldn't have taken this Bible, so this wouldn't have happened."
Jesus "Hey, don't blame yourself."
Gabriel "I always ruin everything."
Jesus "Hey, you couldn't know that Jenny would do that."
Gabriel "And you knew?"
Jesus "I didn't say so."
Gabriel "Listen, you don't have to help me."
Jesus "I want. Because ...."
Gabriel "Because of what?"
Jesus "Because I still love you."
Gabriel "I don't love you and you know it."
Jesus "What happened? First you said you loved me and then you didn't love me."
Gabriel "It's complicated."
Meanwhile, Eugene had invented a conspiracy theory.
Eugene "Hey, I have a conspiracy theory. Do you want to hear it?"
Rosita "What could be worse than your conspiracy theories."
Eugene "Listen Now."
Carol "Well what's your conspiracy theory this time?"
Eugene "What if Rick wasn't dead but he's alive and he's somewhere."
Daryl "That's crazy. We saw he died."
Eugene "But what if it wasn't Rick who died if it was someone else."
Daryl "I saw Rick died!"
Eugene "You saw the wrong!"
Daryl "How's that?"
Eugene "I have the feeling that Rick is alive."
Judith "My dad died like Carl!"
Eugene "What if Carl just died and Rick fled?"
Rosita "No one can survive such a fire alive."
Eugene "Listen, Rick can survive, he's always survived."
Daryl "If you're pretty sure Rick is alive, tell me where he is."
Eugene "I don't know."
Daryl "So hell your conspiracy theory. Rick is dead."
Eugene "I believe Rick is alive and he will find us some day."
Rosita "Well, if you assume that Rick is alive, who was he who died with Carl?"
Eugene "It could be a walker or some of the Whisperers."
Maggie "If Rick is alive then we have to get him a radio connection somehow."
Glenn "We have a radio. Let's try what happens."
Eugene "I'm trying."
Rosita "Why You?"
Eugene "I built that radio station."
Rosita just rolled her eyes.
Eugene "Trying what happens."
Eugene walked over to the table and there was a radio station he had built.
Eugene "Okay then."
Then, Eugene began to swing the knobs that were in the radio station.
Eugene "Please, work, work, work."
Then they heard the radio station whirling.
Daryl "Wait, go back."
Eugene twists the knob backwards.
Suhina and the man voice "Is .... there ..."
Daryl "It works."
Suhina and again the man's voice "If someone hears me .... my name is Rick, Rick Grimes and I am looking for my friends."
Judith "Hey, that's my dad!"
Eugene "I will receive him."
Eugene answered the man's voice, which was a radio station.
Eugene "Here's Eugene. Rick can you hear me?"
Rick sound on the radio "Yes I hear, even though the frequency is pretty bad."
Eugene "Where are you?"
Rick said, "I am currently Hilltop."
Eugene "We are in the Kingdom."
Judith "Ask him how he can be alive."
Eugene "Rick, how can you not be alive? We saw you died."
Rick replied "I didn't die."
Eugene "Who was it who died with Carl?"
Rick replied, "It was one of the Whisperers."
Eugene "Stay at Hilltop. We're coming to pick you up."
Rick replied, "I look forward to you."
Then the radio call ended.
Eugene "What I said Rick was alive!"
Daryul "I'm going to get him."
Carol "I'll come with you."
Daryl "You don't need to."
Carol "Take care of yourself."
Daryl "Always."
Then Daryl left.
Judith "I can't believe my father is alive."
Rosita "I also find it hard to believe this."
Daryl walked on his motorcycle.
Ocean "Where are you going?"
Daryl "Get my friend out of Hilltop."
Ocean "I can come with you if you want."
Daryl "No need."
Then Daryl jumped over the motorcycle.
Ocean "My name is Ocean."
Daryl "Daryl."
Then Daryl started the motorcycle and drove towards the gate.
Dianne "Open the Gate."
Nasir nodded, and he opened the gate and Daryl headed towards Hilltop.
Dianne "Where did he leave?"
Nasir "I heard that Daryl goes to Hilltop."
Dianne "Why?"
Nasir "I heard that his friend Rick is there."
Dianne "But they said Rick would be dead."
Nasir "They thought he was. But apparently he's not dead."
At last Daryl had arrived at the Hilltop gate. He stopped his motorcycle and he turned it off and then he got up.
Daryl "I hope Rick is here somewhere."

to be continued.....



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