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Welcome to the Kingdom

Chapter 9

Daryl walked inside Hilltop and she looked around.
Daryl "This place is a mess of hell."
Daryl walked forward.
Daryl "I hope Rick is here."
Then Daryl walked toward the inn.
Daryl "At least that inn is intact. Maybe Rick is inside."
Then suddenly the inn door opened and the young woman raised the revolver. And she shot a warning shot near Daryl's foot.
Amanda "One more step, and you wil be dead!"
Daryl "Hey! I didn't come here to hurt you!"
Amanda "Turn around and go while you can!"
Daryl "What's your name?"
Amanda "My name is Amanda Grimes!"
Daryl "Did you say Grimes?"
Amanda "Yeah. What then?"
Daryl "Do you know Rick Grimes?"
Amanda "Yeah, he's my brother! What about her?"
Daryl "I think your brother is here!"
Amanda "Of course he is in hell! I saved him!"
Daryl "I came to get him!"
Amanda "Where are you going to take her?"
Daryl "to the Kingdom!"
Then Rick came out.
Rick "Amanda, what's going on?"
Amanda "That dude came to pick you up."
Then Rick noticed Daryl.
Rick "Daryl?"
Daryl "Hey, Rick."
Amanda looked at her brother.
Amanda "You know her?"
Rick "Yeah, Daryl is my friend."
Amanda put the revorver away.
Amanda "I'm sorry. I did not know."
Daryl "That's okay."
Amanda "No, it's not okay. I was about to kill you."
Daryl "Sometimes mistakes happen."
Amanda "I'm coming."
Rick "Where?"
Amanda "Daryl is taking you to the kingdom."
Rick "I don't know if I can come."
Amanda "What do you mean?"
Rick "They thought I was dead, Amanda."
Daryl "Your daughter is waiting for you Rick! Judith needs you!"
Amanda "You didn't mention that you had a daughter."
Rick "I forgot."
Amanda "For the greater reason you go back and I will come!"
Rick "Okay."
Then they started walking towards the motorcycle.
Daryl "We don't all fit on that motorcycle."
Amanda "I have my own, so no problem."
Then Amanda went to find her own motorcycle.
Daryl "How did you survive?"
Rick "What do you mean?"
Daryl "We saw you died."
Rick "Well, officially I didn't die."
Daryl "But Carl died."
Rick "Yeah, he died because he saved my life."
Then Amanda came back with the motorcycle.
Amanda "Well, let's go then."
Then Amanda jumped over the motorcycle and Rick and Daryl did the same and went to drive to the Kingdom. Meanwhile, in the Kingdom.
Ezekiel "Where's Daryl?"
Carol "He went to pick Rick."
Ezekiel "You said Rick was dead."
Carol "We thought he was. But he wasn't."
Ezekiel "How did you know that?"
Carol "Eugene built a radio station and Rick talked to us and he was Hilltop and now Daryl brings him here."
Ezekiel "And he was your leader?"
Carol "Yeah."
Ezekiel "You have a beautiful name."
Carol "Thank you."
Ezekiel "We should spend more time together."
Carol "No thanks."
Ezekiel "You and Daryl are together, right?"
Carol "You could say so."
Ezekiel "Daryl is not good for you."
Carol "What do you mean?"
Ezekiel "He treats you like shit."
Carol "You don't know shit!"
Ezekiel "Some day you notice it."
Carol "Daryl is good."
Ezekiel "If you say so."
Carol "Take care of your own business!"
Then Carol turned away.
Ezekiel, "I'm sorry if I hurt you."
Carol didn't say anything. Then Zara shouted.
Zara "Daryl came back!"
Carol ran to the gate. And she saw Daryl and she also saw Rick and then she noticed a young woman.
Carol "Rick!"
Rick "Carol, good to see you!"
Then they hugged.
Carol "Who is she?"
Rick "She's Amanda, my sister."
Carol "I am Carol."
Amanda "Amanda. Nice to meet you."
Then Carol went to Daryl.
Carol "Are you okay?"
Daryl "Yeah, honey. As always."
Then Carol kissed Daryl and Ezekiel saw it.
Nalani "Bad luck."
Ezekiel "I'm still getting Carol for myself."
Nalani "How are you going to do it?"
Ezekiel "I testify to Carol that Daryl is bad for her."
Nalani "You can't do it."
Ezekiel, "I am the king and I rule this place. So I can do what ever I want."
Then Rick walked toward Ezekiel.
Nalani "Rick comes here."
Rick "Hey, you're Ezekiel, right?"
Ezekiel "Yes I am."
Rick "I'm Rick."
Ezekiel, "I have heard a lot of good, Rick. But the same could not say about your friend."
Rick "Do you mean Daryl?"
Ezekiel "Yeah."
Rick "Daryl is a bit skeptical sometimes. But he's good."
Ezekiel "Are you sure?"
Rick "You must learn to know him first."
Ezekiel "I'm trying."
Then Judith ran to her father.
Judith "Daddy!"
Then they hugged.
Judith "I thought I'd lose you."
Rick "I thought I'd lose you, too"
Judith "How did you survive?"
Rick "Sweetheart, Carl saved my life."
Judith "And he died for you."
Rick "Yeah."
Judith "Carl was always like that. He always thought others first. He was selfish."
Rick "I know."
Then Judith noticed Amanda.
Amanda "Hey, are you Judith?"
Judith "Yeah. Who are you?"
Amanda "I'm Amanda. I am your father's sister."
Judith "It means you are my aunt?"
Amanda "Yeah."
Then Judith hugged Amanda.

to be continued...



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