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one | shot

The more I walked; the more the bullet wound in my left leg throbbed with pain. But somehow I managed to get the will power to keep going.
I leaned on a tree to give myself a break from walking. I held my bullet wound; only then had I realized that my own blood was spilling from my bullet wound fast.
I sat down and took a few deep breathes before removing my red and black flannel from my body, and tying it tightly around my leg to help the bleeding stop.. at least a little bit.
My light blue jeans were stained red. I spotted a long stick next to me and grabbed it and used it as support when I tried to stand up.
Standing up was a success, and I continued to walk forward in hope of crossing paths with some sort of shelter. I can take care of this bullet wound myself, I've had enough experience doing this to myself and other people.
I pushed my blonde hair behind my ears and continued to walk for as long as I could.
Soon I made my way to these train tracks; the bleeding from my wound hadn't stopped but my flannel helped.
I soon crossed some old train tracks, and I decided to follow it in hope of finding some shelter.
I turned my head to the left to see a huge silver/gray building surrounded by fences and wiring that seemed to have been electric before.
The pain in my leg suddenly spiked and I began to feel light headed. My stomach felt nausea's, but not the "throw up" kind of nausea's.
I couldn't make it to the prison; because shortly after I came across it, I fainted.
I groaned as my eyes fluttered open. The pain was still in my leg, but more tolerable than before. When my vision cleared up, I noticed that I was sitting on the bottom of a bunk bed. I looked down and saw a bloodied bandaged rapped around my leg. I tried to sit up, but only then had I realized that my wrist was handcuffed to the bed post. I analyzed the room that I was in and saw that I was in a cell. I grasped the idea that I was now inside of the Prison.
A man showed up at my cell, who frightened me by accident, causing me to jump.
"Oh," the man said. "you're awake."
He grabbed his keys from his belt and used them to unlock the cell door, and slide it to the right. He entered the room and walked towards me. I began to feel scared as he approached me, and I tried to scooch away from him. I am not very trusting these days.
"It's alright." he assured me. "i'm not gonna hurt you. We're here to help."
The man sat down on the bed just next to my legs.
"My name's Rick Grimes." he told me. "your name is...?"
I hesitated to talk to him. But I thought maybe he seemed harmless enough.
"Bryanna.." I answered him.
"Well, Bryanna, you're in my Prison right now. Do you remember what happened before you passed out?" he asked me.
"Uhm," I mumbled. "I remember that I was shot. Everything else is kind of a blur."
"Okay," he said. "do you have any family?"
"Yes," I replied to him. "I know I was with my dad and my little brother."
"Great, do you remember where they are?" he asked me. I could tell he wanted me to leave.
"No," I said.
He nodded at me slowly. "Okay, my friend Daryl fou--"
"Is she awake?" A voice called out from outside my cell. A younger boy, who looked to be my age, showed up outside the cell. He had a hat on that looked like a cowboys' and he had been wearing an orange flannel.
The boy and I made contact; and something sparked.
"Yeah, Carl she's awake." Rick said. "I thought I told you to stay back?"
"I know, but I just wanted to meet her." Carl told Rick.
"Just go back with Glenn and Maggie, okay?" Rick demanded. "I'll let you guys talk later."
Carl smiled at me before walking away in frustration.
"That was my son, Carl." Rick told me. I nodded. "anyways, my friend Daryl came across you when he was coming back from a run. He took you in."
"Oh," I whispered. "can you.. tell him I said thank you? I feel like maybe most people would've just walked away."
Rick nodded, "of course I can. But, for now, why don't you try to get some rest? Maybe it'll all come back to you when you wake up."
He stood up and walked over to my arm, he picked one of the keys from his key ring and unlocked the handcuff.
"i'm sorry about that," he apologized. "we just needed to be safe."
"I understand." I mumbled. Once my wrist was released from the handcuff, I took it into my other hand and started rubbing the red ring that the cuffs created.
"You're safe here." Rick told me. "your wound will be just fine, we have a veterinarian and he was able to fix you up."
I nodded, then smiled at him. He left the cell and closed the gate behind him, but didn't lock it.
I layed down on my back, my heart beat began to decrease until I heard a pair of footsteps walking toward my cell.
That same boy came up to my cell and said hello to me and I sat up to talk to him.
"Hi." I said, for some reason I felt safe in that moment while talking to him.
I got up from the bed and hopped on my uninjured leg to get to him.
"I'm Carl Grimes." he introduced himself. "Rick's son."
"I'm Bryanna." I said as I smiled and pushed my blond hair behind my left ear.
We stared into each others eyes for a second.
"Oh.." Carl mumbled. "sorry. I just haven't seen someone my age... for a long time."
"It's okay." I replied. "me neither. I mean.. I had a little brother, but he was five years younger than me."
"Oh," Carl said. "I have a little sister, but she was just born."
"That's so cool. I never thought i'd never hear the words 'just born' ever again." I chuckled. He chuckled back.
"I hope my dad let's you stay, you seem cool... and you're really.. very.. pretty." Carl told me.
I thought he was cute. Or maybe a little more than cute.


Bryanna meets the prison gang in this chapter :)


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