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The Road to Atlanta.


These series of chapters will give you an insight into what Lori & Carl Grimes did at the begining of the apocolypse. Where were they when the apocolypse began? How did they get out of the house? How did they find Shane Walsh, and how did they end up at Dales camp?

This IS my first story so sorry if it isn't great!. l'm so excited about this story and there's a lot more chapters to come! Hope you enjoy this fanfiction!


Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes

You'll see how Carl will react to this new world around him, under the protecting wing of his mother and Shane.

Lori Grimes

Lori Grimes

The mother of Carl Grimes. She is extremely protective over Carl and her and Shane grow closer and closer everyday...

Shane Walsh

Shane Walsh

Rick Grimes' best friend. He'll do whatever it takes to keep Carl & Lori safe for he's got nothing else to lose.


  1. Rise and Shine.

    Lori & Carl Grimes try to get on with their normal lives after Rick is put in a coma. Lori is determined to keep up a normal routine but she can't help feeling worried for Carl.

  2. The Good the Bad & the Hungry.

    Lori & Carl arrive at the school to find not everything is quite as it seems. All hell begins to break lose as a terrified Carl & Lori run for their lives.

  3. The Broken World.

    A terrified Lori & Carl arrive back at home to find their house has been broken into. But who do they find inside, and why are they here?

  4. Dread, Utter Dread.

    Lori, Carl & Shane journey to the outskirts of Atlanta to find a safe zone. Little do they know, Atlanta is about to decontaminated.


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