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forgive and forget


Morgan finds himself getting crazy so he decides to drive away from home to the prison. However, after he rescues a group, he needs to be rescued. Who will save him? will he find Rick? and what romance flowers up during the story? how will he survive?




A dog Morgan meets and names her. They become very close after Lady saves morgans life.



michonne and morgan develop a deep relationship and later in the story she is a main character too.



main character. The 'I'.

mysterious man

mysterious man

nickname: "agent Green" and he works with Agent Fly and he is good in stateging and camouflaging which got him the nickname: Green.

mysterious woman

mysterious woman

nickname: "agent Fly" and she works with Agent Green and she is very fast and observant which got her the nickname Fly.

The walking dead cast.

The walking dead cast.

you know them.


  1. Leave and meet

    Morgan leaves his home.

  2. Fight and lose

    Morgan loses the group and is in the forest

  3. Survive or die

    merle takes morgan to woodburry. Morgan saves a little girl from woodburry.

  4. Walker and friend

    Luna comes back. morgan is captured but breaks loose with Rick.

  5. goodbye and hello

    Morgan visits Donnas grave and remembers about lady. The governor attacks and andrea saves morgan from a walker.mLater, andrea and morgan have watch together.

  6. old and new

    rick, daryl, glenn and morgan go look for Lady. Rick has the meeting with the governor and Andrea tell Morgan something shocking.

  7. The beast inside

    morgan gets angry at rick. merle takes michonne but daryl and morgan follow them.

  8. Bit, Beatis and black.

    Michonne got scratched and her awaits death or an oppurtunity? Andrea calls Morgan and tells her good news. Daryl is furious and Michonne finds out something.

  9. The final fight?

    the governor attacks, michonne and morgan and rick go to woodburry for medicine and morgan meets an olf friend.

  10. Blood, rivalry and jelousy

    blood, lots of blood. michonne has a rival and morgan find himself being very jelous.

  11. From bad to worse.

    exciting, all I can say.

  12. Demons know how to swim


  13. Slow turning

    michonne looks at the baby but sees something weird, Morgan does too and the governor is silently planning.

  14. Havent you heard?

    the baby has a fever, morgan asks michonne a question, awkwardness in the prison, the baby gets a name.

  15. save or be saved

    Its final, the baby is... , rick makes a plan to draw away or kill all the walkers to keep the prison safe and Michonne hears something weird.

  16. Fail

    morgan ansd sasha and glenn and maggie turn back to the prison when they meet daryl on the way back with someone else. Morgan talks with michonne about parenthood.

  17. even the dead once had a name

    a new run is started and something goes terribly wrong. Morgan gets wounded.

  18. The betraying coward

    michonne and organ have an argument, morgans thanks bob and michonne has a talk with depressed drake

  19. authors note but not bad news

  20. only one alive

    someone commited suicide, Michonne and Morgan argue, Michonne finds a way to cheer up and Morgan gets news from Hershel.

  21. chicken burrito

    morgan hears really bad news, two people are spying on the prison and Michonne apologises to morgan and is suprised by his reaction.


@test subject A
thank you I will try to update as soon as possible :)

neentje neentje

thank you so much. and for the governor, you'll see!

neentje neentje

excited for the sequel, hope to c you soon. excited to read more.

test subject A test subject A

loved the last chapter! wonder who those other people are, I think they're from the governor. I like how you took a different storyline and I'm looking forward to more chapters.

walking_walker walking_walker
Thanks a lot, I really loved seeing your comment and I felt really happy when you told me you were a fan. So thank you and I will update frequently! :D
neentje neentje