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AJ was just a girl with a couple of guns and camcorder, a reporter for some news-station. She wasn't anyone important. She wasn't anyone that anyone would miss. Then again none of her friends or family are alive to miss her. She knows that all to well and yet she still tries to survive. But how much longer can she?

No one knows her well enough to trust her and everyone thinks of her as some girl that will be gone sooner or later. Her group abandons her, claiming that she would make a distraction and would make a terrible loss to the group but they had to do it anyway. But somehow the girl fights her way through the horde and seeks refuge, she stays on the run and doesn't trust many people...

Note: This will be an AU in which Lori leaves Rick but not exactly right away. Rick and AJ's relationship is going to progress throughout the first few chapters. As well as an AU where it doesn't follow the original plot-line. But it will go in that general direction.


Arianna Jacobson

Arianna Jacobson

Arianna Jacobson has been living a life of simplicity for a while. Graduated from College five years ago, become a reporter/video editor a year ago. She's covered most of the reports on the outbreak with her multiple partners. She used to work well with others but grew distant as the outbreak starts taking its toll on the earth.

Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes

Young, but he can handle himself and trusts the new girl. His new nickname is Champ, given to him by the Reporter; AJ. He hopes he'll find his way back to his camp soon. And when he does he's going to make sure AJ sticks with them.


  1. 1: A Simple Day, Right?

    AJ is left behind by her group members, only to escape and find a lost boy.

  2. Chapter 2: Difficulties


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz update :D
daniilovesyyou daniilovesyyou
This is rather good and interesting and I'd love to see where this is going:)
KillJoySynner KillJoySynner