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1: A Simple Day, Right?

“The infection is spreading rapidly. Fevers are rising. The fever is what kills you, be careful around the victims of the fever...” Then static, static was all that remained, she had several recordings, like a timeline of how fast the infection spread. All with different reporters though However she managed to get out unscathed. The CDC was a bust, as she and her sixth partner had decided to cover something there as well. When they got there a rash of suicides, some stayed behind others left. But nothing concrete...

Now here she was with two people from her group, her partner and a friend of her partner’s. A horde of about twenty of them were closing in on them and they were out of options. Her partner of the person she so eloquently named Dean starting running out of the building, they arrived as the gate and before AJ could cross through the duo closed and locked her in.

“Sorry AJ! But you have to take one for the team!” Now there was something to laugh at. What kind of team did she have if they were just leaving her behind, taking all the supplies with them.

“What kinda team is this?” AJ questioned, narrowing her eyes as she looked behind her, noticing them start to gain some ground. Her partner looked at her before she turned and started running off.

Oh perfect, she shook her head and pulled out her Glock and her Mamba Pistol, both were a present from her uncle. She had more than enough rounds to take them all out but it was the risk of drawing even more of them out. She pulled the Glock up and aimed at one, she pulled the trigger back and watched as it went through one’s head and into another.

AJ then noticed an alternate exit and raised both her eyebrows for a split second as if if preparing herself. Before the walkers could get to her she ran into the narrow alley, her eyes staring straight ahead as she continued moving quickly. The reporter had to get out of the area and fast. She made her way around and quickly had stuck her knife in one’s skull. She twisted her wrist and jerked it out, black-goo like blood spraying out a bit as she threw the body to the ground.

The reporter noticed a car that seemed to be untouched by the post-apocalyptic world. Although not everything was as it would seem she still had to try. She looked around to make sure the path was clear, it was as clear as it could be...

She inhaled sharply before she ran down the dirt and gravel path arriving at the dirty car, darkened and scratched red paint. She looked around, surprisingly none had followed her. Of course it had barely any gas. But that didn’t matter, she needed to get out now. She’d try to siphon gas from what she came across. If she came across anything, she soon had unlocked the car door with a bobby pin that was in her hair and had started the car, their were keys in the ignition.

So it made it easier for her to start the car and drive off. “So, where am I going.” She paused as she put one hand on the steering wheel then started searching for a map.

“No that would of been too easy...” For the most part the roads were void of any life, living or dead. That was good, but she still couldn’t figure out where to go, however there were a couple of cars that were abandoned.

“There’s no way I’m going back to camp, not for them to just use me again...” The girl growled out to herself. She pulled over and pulled out her camcorder again, she went to a different recording and pressed play.

“This is Amaya Nicole with WSB-TV, we are wearing these medical masks to protect us from the outbreak of fevers. Currently we are on scene where a disease, that doctor’s are referring to as ‘The Fever’, has been the main cause of an outbreak of patients. How many patients here have the fever Doctor?” Amaya held the microphone out to the doctor.

“It’s spreading like wildfire, more than half of our patients have been quarantined.There are a rash of deaths due to this disease.” The doctor explained, Amaya brought the microphone back to her lips. “Is the Center for Disease Control doing anything to help you?”

“What I know is that they have doctors and scientists there, working together to try and find a cure.” They heard glass break and the girl handling the camera, Arianna turned the camera where a patient had jumped out of a window, the patient started crawling toward them.

“No this can’t be...” The doctor muttered as they group backed away from the man on the ground.

“This is one that died from the fever.” Suddenly the man lunged at the doctor, tackling him to the ground as the doctor struggled before the creature sunk his teeth into the doctor’s chest, pulling out organs and blood dripped from his mouth. Another one came toward Amaya and ran toward her in a creepy limp like walk.

“Amaya! Behind you!” Arianna’s voice rang out, but it was too late, Amaya was next to be bit by the creature.

“Get out of here, AJ!” Amaya screamed, AJ backed away then started running out of the hospital.

Static appeared on the camcorders screen and AJ put it down besides her.

“Hahaha.. Where should this reporter cover next? She’s out of fuel.” The girl lamented. Arianna opened the car door, put the camera back into her own little pouch that was across her waist and stepped out onto the road.

The sun beat down on her head, she popped the trunk open and went through what little supplies she could find. No, she couldn’t siphon gas because there wasn’t a tank in the back. She rolled her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose before she pulled out an over the shoulder bag from the car trunk.

She stuffed water and knives in the bag along with the small pouch she had with her. She closed the trunk and took the keys out of the ignition. It may be possible for her to get some gas, but for now just to stay safe. But no doubt there were people around who knew how to hot-wire a car.

She growled at her own thoughts but headed down the road, mutilated bodies of drivers and passengers sitting in some of the cars. It was a calm and quaint area, but she still had to make it quick. She pulled the trunk to one of the cars open, there was only one passanger, who was dead. She didn’t reanimate but the driver was missing. She ignored the stench of the rotting body that was stuck in place, the woman’s body rotted to the chair she was on it seemed.

AJ noticed a tank and a small hose, exactly what she would need to siphon. She grabbed the tank and felt it still had some gas in it. She siphoned the gas from two cars before it was filled. She walked back to her car and noticed smoke rising into the sky, she rolled her eyes and scoffed before she put the tank down in the trunk, closing it once more before she started heading down to where she saw the smoke.

“Do these idiots know nothing about surviving?” She asked herself as she made her way to the smoke. As she stepped through the woods, she saw a boy who was shivering with a gun in his hand, he had straight brown hair and eyes. She noticed the boy raise a gun and raised her hands defensively.

“Hey, calm down.” She whispered softly.

​“I’m not going to hurt you.” She offered a hand to the boy and the boy slowly had taken it.

“I’m AJ, who are you?” The girl asked, the boy looked at her and looked around, then watched her fix the fire so it wasn’t smoking up like it was earlier.

“Carl Grimes...”


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz update :D
daniilovesyyou daniilovesyyou
This is rather good and interesting and I'd love to see where this is going:)
KillJoySynner KillJoySynner