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Chapter 2: Difficulties

Arianna sat across from Carl, looking at the burning embers then at the boy once more before biting into a piece of bread she had with her. The boy was enjoying a small piece of chocolate as well as some water. Yes, Chocolate. She figured she could give the kid some luxury that he probably missed in this new world. Arianna took one more bite out of the bread before she washed it down with water of her own.

“So, how’d you get all the way out here, champ?” Arianna asked, a slight gurgling sound coming from her mouth as she swallowed the water.

“My family and a few friends were trying to find shelter. I kind of went off alone and winded up lost. I don’t remember the way back.” AJ nodded, it was common for children to get adventurous but he had to be a bit more careful. “Now trust me, I’m not leavin’ till you find your group. But starting tomorrow-- as we’re lookin’ for them? You can bet I’m going to teach you a few survival tricks.”

“Starting with your fire.” She chimed, gesturing to the large fire which had barely any smoke rising from it. “You want to reduce the smoke not increase it. But don’t worry there aren’t many around. A little smoke wouldn’t attract any...”

Carl nodded as he looked at her. She pulled out a couple of blankets and laid them out on the ground. “You want me to lay in the dirt?” Carl asked.

“Why not? Another luxury of sleepin’ without a tent is stargazing. See how many you can count up to before you fall asleep.” AJ chuckled a bit, of course she knew the risks and backfires without a tent. But even with a tent the risk was even higher. “Just stay close. I wouldn’t want you runnin’ off again, champ.”

Carl laid besides the girl’s sitting figure. “Why are you calling me Champ, AJ?” He asked, nonchalantly as he stared at the sky.

“Safety on your gun was off, had a good aim and a nearly steady hand. Plus you were lucky enough not to attract anyone unwanted. You are a champion of luck in a sense.” She gave a lopsided smile.

Carl smiled a bit then looked at the girl before closing his eyes. “Goodnight, AJ.”

“Night, Carl.” When she was sure he fell asleep, the girl looked at the burning fire. Why did the name ‘Grimes’ seem familiar..? She mulled it over before she pulled out her camcorder. She went through recordings before she found a recording her partner took of her.

“That’s right... I covered his father’s shooting...” She murmured, looking at the boy who was sleeping soundly. “Hope he’s alright...” She muttered before she exhaled gently and laid besides the boy, letting her eyes close.

AJ was awoken by Carl shaking her, she sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes before looking at the boy who had her camcorder in his hands. He’d gotten it to play the same recording she was looking at last night.

“This is Arianna Jacobson with WSB-TV, I’m standing outside of the Harrison Memorial Hospital where a shooting victim has been transferred to. The victim being none other than The Sheriff’s Deputy, Rick Grimes.” Arianna watched herself hold the microphone with a somewhat serious look in her eye. The boy holding the camcorder looked up at her.

“The police department has refused to release any further information other than he was shot in the line of duty.” Static once more, almost all of her recordings were corrupted yet still viewable... She took the camcorder from Carl’s hands, turned it off and stuffed it in her pouch.

“Did you... Did you know my dad?” Carl asked as she stomped out the still burning wood.

“I... Yeah... yeah I did...” Arianna finally said as she pulled the blankets off the ground and dusted them off, stuffing them back into the back along side the camcorder. “You make sure to keep that gun out and ready. Alright?”

“How did you know him?” Carl asked, completely straying from her question causing her to laugh a bit.

“High-School, crushed on him for a while then I moved on. Now let’s go champ. We’re wasting daylight.” AJ said as she looked at him.

Carl nodded and made sure his gun was out. “Do you have a knife on you?” Carl searched his pockets then pulled one out of a black container hanging from his waist. AJ surveyed it then nodded. “Sharp. Any get close to you. You kill them. Unless I get to it first.”

Once more the boy nodded before the girl took out her Mamba and looked at how many more rounds she had. She had enough to protect them from a few. “Let’s get moving.”

Carl followed right besides her as they made their way down the street, back to the car she had made her own. “Hop in. We’ll drive up, park and scout the area together see if we can find them. You know where they were staying?”

“It’s like a hillside camp... But not exactly on a hill. We were near a hill. But it was just supposed to be for a little bit... You don’t think they’d leave without me, do you?” Carl looked at her and she stopped in her tracks, she heard the fear and nervous tone of his voice and turned to face him, kneeling down to his height.

“Your father would never leave you, Carl. Neither would your mother. Not now. Not ever. Remember that alright?” The brunette boy nodded, but still looked uncertain. AJ ruffled his hair and got into the driver’s side as he climbed in the passenger’s side.

The engine turned over and off they were. She drove down the roads, looking for a small ball of smoke, listening for gunfire, and worst case scenario a scream. Even though she just woke up, she still felt tired. She had to find a way to make this ride fun for the kid.

“Hey, hey Carl.” AJ started, “what’d you used to do for fun in the car?”

“We’d sing sometime if I knew the song. I spy. Road games.” Carl said softly, his elbow on the edge of the car door and his head propped on his knuckles. He stared out the window as area passed them by at exceeding rates. They had a full tank of gas. Surprisingly.

Arianna was about to say something but stopped herself, seeing the boy sitting on the seat. It even looked as though he was depressed. “Don’t worry, Carl. We’re going to find your people. You’re going to survive this world.”

This seemed to cheer Carl up, it came from a stranger and not someone he knew. Of course he knew AJ but not to well, thats what made it a bit better. He nodded and looked at her smiling.

“Alright?” AJ asked, looking at him. “Alright!” Carl smiled a bit more.

Carl looked back to the road. “I think they’re around here somewhere.” He announced, causing AJ to pull the red car over and get out shading her eyes once more. “Discreet, off the road, out of the way. They have some good ideas.”

“Let’s not go down the hill yet.” AJ said, stopping the boy from heading down. “Let’s look in the woods, they may have people out looking for you.”

Carl nodded and followed her to the woods. “Stay close. We don’t want any surprises.” Carl once again nodded and even pulled out his gun, covering her in case anything jumped out at them.

As AJ pushed back some shrubs she was surprised with what she had seen. About twenty five of them all in the group, making their way toward her and Carl. She quickly turned and covered Carl’s mouth, since had caught sight of them as well. She looked around for any short exit to get them back on the street. That when she mentally smacked herself and pushed Carl up into a tree. She then jumped into one herself, leaves concealing both of them as the horde passed. She didn’t have enough bullets to take them all and who knew if they had friends lurking around.

She wasn't about to take the risk...


Luck is Our Middle Name will be coming very soon! I promise!


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz update :D
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This is rather good and interesting and I'd love to see where this is going:)
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