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No More Room in Hell


This is an Original Fanfic By : ZOMBiE_PRiNCE55

This is my very first fan fiction! =]]

No More Room in Hell is a story about Ness and her husband Daryl Dixon as the apocalypse starts in Arizona. Along the way they come across road blocks and some interesting people. Do they have what it takes to survive!?

Some of you will notice other senarios of The Walking Dead and of other" zombie apocalypse " stories in my fanfic.

Hope you all enjoy what you read and feel free to leave comments! =]]
I cant promise you that I will comment back that instant, but I do promise you I will get back to you as soon as I can!

*Disclaimer* This narrative was created with the sole purposes of entertainment. I do not own The Walking Dead or any characters associated with the comic books or the TV show AMC's The Walking Dead. All rights go to Robert Kirkman and AMC however, I do own the Original characters associated with this particular Fan fiction.


Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

Merle Dixon

Merle Dixon




  1. Chapter 1: Dead Shall Walk

    Ness' POV, The Beginning of the End

  2. Chapter 2: Crazy Bitch

    Ness' POV

  3. Chapter 3: Sustenance

    Ness' POV

  4. Chapter 4: Walkers

    Ness's POV

  5. Chapter 5: Hurt Soul

    Ness' POV


Lol oh yeah? That's cool coz is also based off of a quote from dawn of the dead... again this is for entertainment. That's why i wrote my fanfic.. :) i love writing

The title is based off a video game.

Toasty. Toasty.

@twd obsessed 19

I am currently working on another fanfic .. it is twd related of course.. When I am done with no more.room in hell I will post another I love writing so you'll see.me back in the next 3 days or so with another chapter! !


Thank you! That's means alot when I hear positive feedback from my readers! ! And yes i will be posting another chapter with in the next 3 days!!